10 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Live Alone At Least Once

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I am a firm believer every woman owes it to herself to live alone at least once. Why? It gives you the opportunity to learn about you —what you like, what you don’t like, what your personal style is and how to be handy around the house. It is so important for a woman to learn how to depend on no one but herself. That doesn’t mean we can’t always have people in our lives that care about us, because we can, and we should. I have plenty of those people around, but we need to know how to be industrious and independent. Being a woman is an incredible thing—but only if you know the power you hold and how to leverage it; and that happens when you know you.

Besides the awesome opportunity to learn about YOU, here are my top 10 reasons why you should invest in a bachelorette pad for a while.

1. No judgment —that’s right; you can call it an HBO weekend and stay in both Friday and Saturday night. You can also bring home that less than perfect guy with no stares from a roommate. Score.

2. The bathroom is completely yours —you don’t have to worry if your roommate is going to snag the shower before you at 7 a.m .when you’re already running late for work. Double score.

3. If there are dishes in the sink, it’s your fault —no more cleaning then coming home to a sink full of your roommate’s dishes. It’s magic.

4. You’ll love rocking the birthday suit between the bed and shower —enough said on why that’s amazing. No more sprinting to your bedroom when you forgot the towel praying to Jesus your guy roommate doesn’t come pounding down the stairs just to run into you.

5. Noise of any kind can happen as loudly as you want it to —radio, TV, coffee pot, you name it.

6. You clean on your own time, not your roommate’s—no more cleaning schedules and petty arguments about how you or they “don’t have time to clean.”

7. You can talk to yourself as loudly as you want as you rehearse speeches and presentations—now you don’t have anyone to think you’re crazy if they hear you.

8. You can decorate your place just how you like it—no more dealing with your roommate’s bad taste in home décor.

9. You don’t have to ask permission to host a party—yep, invite those friends over whenever you feel like it.

10. You’ll just plain feel good about yourself—sure, throwing on heels and red lipstick will change your mood, but not as much as knowing you depend on one but you. It’s like realizing you’re over someone 365 days a year. Best. Feeling. Ever. BOOM.

I’m willing to bet you’re jealous of something on this list. I’m also willing to bet you need some self discovery time. So, what are you waiting for? If it’s financially possible, ditch your roommate and fly solo for awhile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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