12 Little Things He’ll Only Do If He Loves You

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When you’ve fallen for someone, the true signs of love are often in the little details. If you’re not sure that your dude is totally crazy about you, here are 12 little things that he may be doing right now that’ll tell you exactly how much he cares:

1. Surprise you with gross food

If he comes home with a package of salami that you didn’t ask for because he knows that nothing brings you more joy than salty cured meats, seeing you happy means more to him than dealing with a long night of salami breath.

2. Buy you tampons

It’s a cliché, but when your dude offers to run out and grab you cotton to stuff up your bloody cooch, it means that your comfort means more to him than his own.

3. Say “I love you” out of the blue in front of his friends

Declarations of love should be common, but when he goes out of his way to say it unprompted in front of his friends or family, it means that he really does love you and he doesn’t care who hears him say it.

4. Email you links he knows you’d like

A couple of times a week a surprise video of a cat licking a pizza with all the sass in the world winds up in your inbox and you can’t help but think that only someone who loves you madly would make sure you saw that.

5. “Like” all of your posts on social media

Not in a creepy way, but in an adorably supportive way. He loves that you had some nice latte art come your way and he thinks you looked so pretty when you got all dolled up for girls night and he makes sure to know you know it.

6. Repurpose your vocabulary

The day he quoted an obscure Beyonce song, you almost fainted. When you started dating, he barely knew “Single Ladies.”

7. Have a nickname for your pet

He and your dog have a special little bond. It wasn’t always that way, at first your dog resented the shit out of your dude for coming into your life and taking away so much of your fetch time but now they’re like, best buds forev.

8. Have a variety of specific, weird nicknames for you

“Honey” “sweetie” and “baby” are all fine, but the best nicknames come from a place of true love and are usually more embarrassing when repeated in front of other people than they are adorable-sounding. My boyfriend calls me Rudy if he’s not calling me “baby doll” and I love it.

9. Give you space on his DVR

He knows that you’re more likely to hang at his place more if he’s got Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on the DVR and he doesn’t mind deleting that Superbowl from four years ago to give you the space.

10. Shares his streaming accounts—especially HBO GO

He’s not stingy about these kinds of things because he trusts you and knows you’re not going anywhere and knows you’d do the exact same thing for him if you weren’t such a cheap monster.

11. Wait for you when you’re watching something together

The test of true love is whether or not someone will wait for you to come back from that work trip to watch the finale of Breaking Bad. When you binge watch American Horror Story, he doesn’t sneak ahead a couple of episodes the days you’re apart. He even waits for you to listen to Serial. I mean, when are you going to marry this dude?

12. When you bitch about your friends, he views it as “venting”

He doesn’t hold you griping about a fight you had with your friends against them. He lets you get it all out and doesn’t remind you that you said they were a selfish asshole when you tell him you’re seeing a movie together that weekend. He’s cool about that kind of shit in general. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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