25 Great (And Not-So-Great) Things You Will Do At Age 25

1. Have a favorite wine
…that’s not Two Buck Chuck.

2. Date
A ton. You’re not looking for anything serious, but you’re seriously into trying anything once.

3. Own a mattress that no one else has slept on before you
You’ve finally upgraded from that 20-year old double bed a dude named Kerry you used to work with passed down to you.

4. Get buzzed and babble at parties
So much in life is unsure, let’s just talk until it’s over!

5. Talk shit on your best friends
Admit it.

6. Engage in Twitter drama
You still think every other subtweet is about you/engage in subtweeting/all tweets are kind of subtweets when you REALLY think about it.

7. Have one night stands
Not every weekend but once in awhile you get carried away

8. Eat hummus three meals a day
Please tell me this is still a thing.

9. Dance at bars
You’re not phased by the bar scene anymore, it’s all the same at this point. You boogie down wherever.

10. Host elaborate theme parties in your new apartment
You have a new place! It deserves more than just some red cups and a cheeseplate from the market. Why not have a Sexy Nintendo Characters party complete with a Donkey Kong cupcake tower you found on Pinterest. And a step-and-repeat.

11. Do the “pull out the wallet” fake out when the bill comes on the first date but rarely wind up paying
You haven’t figured out that pretty much all dudes know they have to foot the bill once you’re not paying with your college meal plan.

12. Really, really think about people like Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Drake
… And Taylor Swift, Lena Dunham and whomever the Internet is breaking for that week.

13. See tons of concerts, shows and live comedy
You have the energy, attention span and cash for these sorts of things now.

14. Hone your personal style
You know what kind of stuff you like and you buy quality that lasts.

15. Participate in Twitter hashtags about shitty TV movies
You’ve really worked on developing your snarky live tweet tone.

16. Adopt a pet
It’s finally time to bring home that shelter cat or beta fish you’ve had your eye on.

17. Buy better beauty products
You realize that aging will be all too real soon and what you put on your face and body will make a difference then.

18. When you aren’t just eating hummus, you’re eating a little bit healthier
Like your outsides, you’re taking better care of your insides.

19. Get a bad haircut
The regrettable bangs are a staple of your mid-20s.

20. Do molly on a weekday
Not a random weekday, per se, but a special occasion, like a dance-y show or your favorite cousin being in town.

21. Booty call your ex
You have enough in your past that there has to be one your still willing to get with.

22. Rent a summer house for a week with like, 11 of your friends
Get drunk, hook up, take too many selfies, come back next year with like, six less people—mostly couples.

23. Have plenty of cash for things like weed, nail art, pizza and psychics
You haven’t yet discovered the beauty of saving up for a Design Within Reach coffee table.

24. Stop yelling during arguments with your friends
This area of your life becomes much less spazzy.

25. Start really understanding your parents
The shock that money is real is starting to die down and you’re finally getting that up until a few years ago, your parents were PAYING FOR YOUR LIFE. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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