Ridiculous Mother Blames The Kardashians For Her Negligence

I was up early this morning reading Gawker and Jezebel (my sole news sources) and came across a post about some author named Ayelet Waldman whose son “accidentally” spent $120 of his money on that Kim Kardashian game. Perhaps this Facebook post was just poorly worded because she was typing it while completely raging, but I’m stuck on the idea that this is “his” money.

She claims that the game somehow bypassed the limit of “allowance” her kids have to spend on gaming and iTunes and that the charges were fraudulent and an example of how disgusting the Kardashians are.

So she went on a super embarrassing and tacky Twitter and Facebook rampage (don’t people know not to do that by now?) calling the Kardashian clan “pure evil,” “vile scumbags,” and “pigs.”


I am no Kardashian stan. I watched the first few seasons of their show because I was obsessed with that Amazon Khloe but pretty much any reality show without a rotating cast (like Real World) is unwatchable after the third season because everyone on it becomes tabloid famous. I think they’re totally obnoxious and that Kris Jenner very well may be a sociopath, but I gotta throw my hands up for their ability to majorly cash in on their fame. The family and many generations to come after them are set for life. Who wouldn’t want that for their family?

But that’s not even the issue here. My issue is that an 11-year-old child is “hysterically sobbing” because he lost $120. I don’t care if this lady’s husband is as tech savvy as she claims, why wasn’t she properly monitoring his use of the iPad or whatever he was playing it on? That’s parenting 101 in 2014.



Furthermore, why the hell does her son have a gaming allowance? He’s 11. 11-year-old kids are not old enough to manage anything connected to a debit card. I know we’re living in a world where there are Rich Kids of Instagram and 8-year-olds blowing each other on the playground, but aren’t some things sacred? Especially if $120 is a crippling amount of money to spend and something that, if it was truly an accident, has him so upset?

Is he being punished at all for buying this bullshit? I can’t be certain because I can’t get involved with gaming, but I think it’s a safe bet to assume you need to click “yes” to get charged. And if I am correct that he kept spending and spending his “gaming allowance” (for fuck’s sake) he’s either at fault here or unable to do simple math, which also tells me that he probably shouldn’t be in control of things connected to the family’s bank account.


And if it was his money as she said, why doesn’t he put that money in a savings account for college? How does an 11-year-old boy have $120 fucking dollars? Or is this being taken out of his future “gaming allowance” (I’m nauseous) as punishment? Maybe you could take him down to Bank of America and open him up a bank account where he can learn about money management and start charging his “gaming allowance” (kill me) to that card through transfers you make to it? And you hold on to the card until he’s old enough because again, this child is clearly not capable of operating a device linked to a goddamn credit or debit card. And why the hell is an 11-year-old boy playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood?

Also, maybe he can go play outside. It’s summer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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