Here’s The Thing Dreams Don’t Happen Over Night

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It’s very easy to let life pass you by. You can get so caught up in something, and that something leads to another something and before you know it you’ve achieved nothing. Do you not ever wonder what you could accomplish if you put all the energy that you have spent procrastinating into something bigger?

Try imagining your future. What do you envision? What is a dream of yours that you can’t shake off no matter what you do?

Now imagine every time you’ve put that dream on hold. You spend hours and hours thinking about it, wondering about the ‘what if’s’ and the ‘one day’s’ how about instead of imagining that end goal, you believe the process and the steps that it takes for you to get yourself there. Still a dream of yours? Or is it too much work for you?

Now, think back to when you’ve put what you want on hold. You work a lot, or you study, and you don’t possibly have time to focus on your future right now. But what about when you’re surfing through the internet, scrolling through someone’s feed, or reading this post. Go and do something about it!

Dreams don’t happen overnight. The most hardworking and successful people out there haven’t worked for nothing. They had patience, and most importantly, they believed they could do it, and nothing was going to stop them.

What if you spent roughly 10, 20, 30 minutes a day by just slowly making a step towards your dream. Can you imagine if you did that every day for a year? There is no way you could fail.

By all means work, study, whatever you got to do. But do not say you don’t have enough time because that is nothing but an excuse. There are 24 hours in a day, and you’re telling yourself you can’t even set aside a few minutes to make your goal, that dream that you value so much, more than anything in this world, come true? Do you even really want it?

I promise you If you dedicate a fraction of your time every day and keep working on it, throughout those bumps in the road, the times when you feel like giving up when you don’t feel good enough. That end goal will feel out of this world, and nothing ever compares to that feeling.

So what are you waiting for?

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