It’s Okay To Not Be Like The Rest Of Your Family

The term “black sheep” is not always used to determine a different color sheep than the rest of the herd. It can also be used as a term of a family member who is not like the rest.

It sometimes can be a good thing or bad thing.

I have two older sisters. They are both very successful in life. They both have great jobs and married to the loves of their lives with a house and a dog, the only thing missing is the white picket fence.

They are only two years apart from one another, where as I am 5 years apart from them. They both went to the same high school, pretty much hung around the same group of people. They both did well in high school getting good grades and getting accepted into good colleges.

I went to a different high school, my grades were OK, and I only got accepted to one college. I got caught drinking my freshman year of high school when I stole a bottle of grey goose from my parent’s fridge and filled it back up with water and put it back. Of course, my sisters found out and told my parents.

I got in a lot more trouble than they did in high school and in general. I did more rebellious things than they would ever dream of doing. I gave my parents a run for their money.

Both of my sisters went to universities that were two hours away from home. I went to a small private college that was a half hour away.

They both made Dean’s Lists at some point in college. I did not make Dean’s List once.

I would not want to be like the rest of my family. I would not want to follow in the same footsteps they did. It would be so boring to me to be like them all the time. I liked being different from both of them. I stood out more because I was not like them. My family always thinks I am not funnier because I am louder than they are.

I wouldn’t be funny if I were like both of them. By my age, they were both with the person they were going to marry. I am single and so ready to mingle.

I curse a lot more and say things they would never dream of saying. I call myself the black sheep of my family, when my parents tell me that I am just “different.” I would not have it any other way.

It is so much more fun and exciting to not be like anyone else. If you were like everyone you would not be different and that would take away you from being you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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