5 Things That Happen When Your Dog Is Part Of The Family

Shout out to all my dog lovers out there.

If you have a dog you understand that furry friend becomes a part of your family and no longer is an animal but an actual person. You treat the dog like a sibling and sometimes give it a middle name when you are yelling at it to drop the shoe that is in its mouth. Sometimes you ask it a question and wait for a response. “Do you want a treat” and you wait for; “YES duh mama I want that treat pleaseeee.”

1. Unconditional Love

A dog does not care if you are white, black, red, purple, or orange. Dogs do not see color so they do not care what you look like. They love you no matter what happened that day. You could rob a bank and come home and your dog would be there right by your side. You know you love them back too, they could have ripped up the trash causing your whole house to be a garbage can and you will be like “Ahh its okay you’re still cute AF.”

2. They are always there to greet you

A long day or work, school, or a long day of absolutely nothing, a dog is there to greet you with open arms. Some bark like crazy, just to be translated as; “I’m so happy your home!” There is nothing like that. Coming home to have your dog so happy to see you, not matter what went on during that day. There are not a lot of things you can count on in life, but have a dog at home waiting for you is one thing.

3. They are a good judge of character

You can tell if you are going to like someone solely of the fact if your dog likes that person. If you go on a date and bring a girl home, and your dog doesn’t like her, send her on her way. Dogs may not see color, but I believe they see true colors. You know how the saying goes “the more people I met the more I love my dog.”

4. You are never alone

When a dog is around, you’ll never feel alone. Dogs, unlike, cats want to be around people and want to be by your side.

5. They are the best cuddle buddies.

There is NOTHING like laying on the couch snuggled next your dog, who makes the best cuddly buddy. Especially when it is cold out and they snuggled right next you making it the perfect temperature. YASSSSSSS. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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