5 Fashion Faux Pas Everyone Should Be Aware Of Today

Let me be the first to say, I am not a fashion expert, simply your average college kid. I don’t go out and buy every new item to stay trendy. I think people can present themselves well without spending hundreds a year on new clothes. If you have the money to keep up the trends, good for you, however me and my poor college self, will be over here with my trusty jeans and various neutral colored shirts. That being said, I feel there are still a few fashion rules no one should ever break.

1. Socks can never be worn with sandals. Are your toes cold? Why are you wearing sandals then? Why are you trying to draw attention to your feet with those bright white socks stuffed into those tight brown sandals? It looks very uncomfortable.

2. Black and brown do not match. I’m sorry. But the colors cause a lot of dissonance when put together. Black and brown are very flattering colors on people, but not when worn at the same time.

3. Sweatpants should not be worn outside. Yes this does include pajama pants but no, yoga pants are not included in this category. Sweatpants are awesome to work out in and comfortable to relax in when behind closed doors, but in public, it’s a faux pas. I’m not saying you should care what others are thinking, but just know, when they see you in sweatpants at school or at the store, they’re thinking, “They have given up.”

4. You need to comb your hair. I violate this one often. But honestly, it’s one of the worst ones. Think of a time you’ve seen someone with unwashed, uncombed hair. What did you think of them? Was it, “wow she’s pretty”? No. Aka, always wash/comb your hair.

5. You will always look better in clothes that fit. Ladies, this is a tough one. In college we are of a mind that tighter is better. But I’m here to tell you, there is a limit. If you don’t have a BMI of 18 and zero percent body fat, squeezing yourself into short shorts that showcase the thigh fat – not good. Wearing a shirt that’s so tight you can see where your bra cuts into your back fat – not good. You would be way hotter in a slightly looser shirt. TC Mark

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