Molly Burford

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A Thank You Letter To Malala Yousafzai

It’s almost effortless to lose sight of our fortunes. It’s simple to succumb to feelings of entitlement. It’s no problem to let vital lessons escape from our minds. And it’s also easy to find reminders.

Love Your Past Self, Too

There are periods when we’re consistently impatient, judgmental, sad, angry, etc. and we can choose to dissociate with these past versions of us through the practicing and touting of our shame, but let’s ask ourselves this simple question: where would you be without him or her?

Stop Focusing On What You See In The Rearview

For a while, though, we’ll mull over past events, overanalyzing every little moment, hoping that some missing variable will suddenly strike us; so that’s why that happened. That’s why she left. That’s why I didn’t land that job. To do so is only natural, but don’t let it last too long.