3 Times Carrie And Big Were The Actual Worst Together In ‘Sex And The City’

Here are the top three times Carrie and Big were the actual worst together in Sex and the City. 

3. Big refusing to introduce Carrie to his mom (red flag) and then Carrie trying to force an introduction anyway (weird, stalker behavior).

When Big and Carrie first got together in the first season of Sex and the City, she discovers her new man attends church with his mother every Sunday. Carrie then expresses interest in going so she can finally meet his mom. However, Big pushes back and says no. 

Of course, this is a major red flag because Big’s reluctance makes it abundantly clear he doesn’t take his relationship with Carrie seriously. Does this bother Carrie? Absolutely! HOWEVER, Carrie views Big’s indifference as a challenge rather than a sign to let go. So, what does our unhinged sex columnist do in response? Take the hint? Respect herself enough to walk away? Oh no, no, no.

Instead, Carrie drags Miranda with her to the Sunday service to get a look Big’s mom. One, this is weird, stalker behavior. Ever heard of boundaries, Carrie? Maybe self-preservation? Cognitive behavioral therapy perhaps? Anyway, two, Carrie isn’t exactly what you could call “subtle” in the balcony pews. Rather, she drops a bible to the floor below with a loud thud, causing everyone below to turn around and look up at her (including Big and his mother).


After mass ends, Carrie waits outside the church to say hi to Big and his mother, claiming it would be “rude” to simply save face and leave. When Big comes over, he introduces Carrie as “his friend’ to his mom. In response, Big’s mother stares back blankly, clearly not registering who the hell Carrie could possibly be. In denial, Carrie repeats her name a couple of times, trying to jog Big’s mom’s memory. No dice, because Big clearly never told his mom he was dating Carrie at all.

2. Big getting engaged to Natasha shortly after breaking up with Carrie.

Carrie and Big parted ways at the end of the first season. Several episodes into the second season, Carrie runs into her very recent ex at a party in the Hamptons. There, she meets Natasha, the new, younger woman he is already dating. Oh, plot twist, they’re actually engaged, which Big confesses to Carrie later on. Ouch.

1. Carrie cheating on Aidan with Big (while Big is still married to Natasha).

Number one has to be when Carrie cheats on Aidan with Big while Big is still married to Natasha. The two have a full-fledged affair with little regard to how their infidelity impacts their respective partners. Aidan was SO damn nice to Carrie, too, I’m still mad. Anyway! Aidan deserved better. And maybe Carrie and Big really deserve each other after all, considering they are both equally terrible!

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