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This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Deals With Being Ghosted


Throws a party. Because they don’t really care.


Asks what they did wrong. Gets ignored. Swears of love 4ever.


Vacillates between being totally heartbroken to totally enraged and back again. This will last for about three days and then they’re #overit.


Doesn’t leave the house for a week. Drinks three bottles of white wine over the course of those seven days and finishes five whole seasons of The Office. Pam and Jim are their only friends now.


Posts fire selfies with Rihanna lyrics.


Makes a color-coded excel spreadsheet of all their Hinge matches so they can properly assess who is worth pursuing next in order to minimize the chance of being ghosted again.


Becomes obsessed with self-care.


Fucks the ghost’s best friend.


Gets blackout drunk on a Tuesday. Has no regrets.


Gets crazy involved at work and gets a promotion.


Is in denial until they send an exploratory text to said ghost after a week to test the waters. Gets blown off. Blocks the ghost’s number and moves forward.


Cries to Dashboard Confessional. TC mark

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