You Aren’t REALLY Best Friends Until You’ve Shared These 36 Moments

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1. Giving them “the look” whenever someone is pissing you off in a group of people and they know exactly what you’re saying, word for word, based on your eyes alone. (Because, yes, Ronda DOES SUCK, DOESN’T SHE?!?!?)

2. Frantically texting each other about what to wear, complete with terrible mirror selfies of the outfit in 138 different angles.

3. Laughing so hard you cry.

4. Fighting and immediately apologizing to each other 30 seconds later because no stupid fight is worth ending your friendship.

5. Peeing in the same stall at the bar to “save time” but in actuality, it’s so you can both discuss the night’s happenings so far.

6. Having a Snap streak above 100 days.

7. Sharing deodorant.

8. Almost dying together on at least 17 different occasions.

9. Feeling inexplicable rage when someone else refers to your best friend as their best friend.

10. Feeling like their parents are your second parents.

11. Knowing the passcode on their phone (and vice versa).

12. Sharing an impressive gallery of damning screenshots that the two of you plan to use to take over the world one day.

13. Not feeling embarrassed for crying or having a nervous breakdown over Jimmy for the 13th time.

14. But also feeling grateful rather than offended when they give you tough love about crying over Jimmy for the 13th time.

15. Dancing at a club and brushing away anyone who tries to interrupt your flow, because it’s your guys’ night (and no one else’s).

16. Also dancing at the club for the sole sake of being each other’s wing women.

17. Taking one for the team and talking to the ugly friend so your BFF could get his or her mack on.

18. Deleting unflattering pictures of each other (even when one of you looked damn good in it).

19. Breaking down in tears at least twice over how much you love each other while you’re both hammered.

20. Still loving each other even though you have both almost killed each other driving every time you’re in the car together.

21. And that time you made drinks that were 97% vodka and 3% cranberry juice and your lives were almost ruined.

22. Being able to come to each other with some of the darkest parts of yourself and know you’ll be greeted with compassion and not judgment.

23. Tagging each other in a minimum of 10 memes on Instagram a day.

24. Texting each other while in the same room so you can gossip about all the other people you’re hanging out with.

25. And trusting that they won’t go, “HEY WHY ARE YOU TEXTING ME?” in front of everyone.

26. Pretending you’re dating each other so a creepy dude will leave you guys alone.

27. Having some hilarious Snapchats saved on your phone that you don’t plan to reveal until each other’s weddings (or something).

28. Forgiving one another for the times one of you puked in the Uber or on the bus after a wild night out.

29. Realizing if anyone was ever listening to any of your private conversations, they would probably be worried about whether or not you both could be considered sane.

30. Because you guys literally talk about everything. And I mean, everything. There are no secrets or unshared thoughts. Shit gets twisted and dark real quick. (And that’s how you both like it.)

31. Watching hungover Netflix all day feeling like you’re both on your deathbed, but also feeling comforted because at least you’ll die together like Noah and Allie from The Notebook.

32. Because you often refer to each other as an old married couple.

33. Regularly rambling off about hypothetical situations you both think would be hilarious.

34. And then wondering why you both aren’t famous comedians yet.

35. Letting them control the aux cord in your car, even if their taste in music is totally different than yours, because you just like seeing them happy.

36. Loving each other despite all the flaws, fights, and complications that come with being close friends. Because you both have each other’s backs until the end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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