Why Men Who Marry Writers End Up The Happiest

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Brooke Cagle

Writers are quirky. They are observant, contemplative. They can be difficult, elusive. Sometimes, they’ll definitely overthink. But they will also be the best relationship of your life.

Because a writer will notice every little thing about you. Nothing goes unnoted, unaccounted for. They’ll remember the tiniest details from a conversation you had years ago and bring it up casually as if it just happened yesterday. They know the look you get on your face when you’re thinking about something difficult and they know when to ask about what it is that’s going on in your mind (and when to leave you be).

No one will ever see you the way a writer will.

A writer will know the worst parts of you, but they won’t run. Instead, they’ll respond with understanding and patience. You’ll know that you can confide in them because they are compassionate and loving.

Of course, this isn’t to say that they will always agree with you. A writer will always tell you what they think, even if you don’t want to hear it. Even if it hurts. But by speaking their truth, they’ll help you see things from a different point of view.

They’ll help you see the world and all its inhabitants in a way you never even considered. 

Because it’s a writer’s job to look at things from all angles. To consider the possibilities of what ifs and what could bes. Sometimes they’ll view things in a romanticized way, but it’s a sign of a hopeful mind to see the beauty in everything, including darkness and heartbreak.

It’s the sign of a person who will always see the best in you, too. 

Besides seeing you fully, a writer knows how to communicate too. After all, words are kind of their thing. You’ll never have to second guess their intentions with what they say because it’ll be so incredibly clear as to what they mean. A writer won’t play games with you. They won’t yank you around.

You can trust them to treat your heart with the care it deserves.

Writers will never miss important dates, like birthdays and anniversaries. They are incredibly hard workers and creative, so they will always be going out of their way to put 100% into the noteworthy days, making you feel special in a way you never have before.

A writer loves deeply and completely. And if you end up with a writer, you’re lucky.

Because when you’re loved by a writer, you’re loved by someone who sees every single part of you and decides it’s beautiful. To them, you are the inspiration for art. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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