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18 Beauty Resolutions Every Woman Should Make For 2018

In 2018, commit to taking care of yourself! It’s not vain to care about your appearance. It can really help you feel more confident and pulled together.

1. Learn to research before you buy.

The beauty industry is enormous. There are so many brands and products to choose from, it can feel totally overwhelming. But fear not! There are amazing beauty vloggers and bloggers out there who are always reviewing the latest product releases from both drugstore and high-end brands. Also, be sure to check out Allure’s Best of Beauty winners to see what the best beauty editors in the game are picking as their top picks.

2. Prioritize sleep.

Because nothing looks and feels better than actually sleeping for the recommended seven to eight hours.

3. Find your signature scent.

Perfume interacts with everyone’s skin differently based on a variety of factors, such as our pH levels, which is why one perfume that smells amazing on your friend may not smell as good on you. Use 2018 to find the scent that smells great on you. It’s pretty interesting how much more confident you can feel with a few spritzes of a great smelling fragrance.

4. Never sleep with your makeup on.

Be diligent about removing your makeup before bed. It’s best if you remove your makeup first using a cleansing balm or micellar water and then go in and wash your face with a normal cleanser to make sure your face is totally clean before you lay down to sleep. In doing so, you’ll be protecting your skin from clogged pores, breakouts, and premature aging.

5. Create a skincare routine and stick to it.

Learn your skin type and tailor a routine that makes sense for it. Research products that make sense for your skin concerns, be that oiliness, dryness, redness, or breakouts. A typical skincare routine looks like this:

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Treatment
  • Serum
  • Eye cream
  • Moisturize

6. Make time for exercise every day.

It doesn’t have to be intense and you don’t need to go crazy. Just 30 minutes of physical activity a day will do wonders for your physical and mental health.

7. Change your pillowcases weekly.

You’d be surprised how much bacteria will build up on your pillow, which leads to breakouts and irritated skin. Change out your pillowcases once a week to help keep your skin clear and happy.

8. Learn what products are worth splurging on (and where you can save serious money).

This is all about personal preference and a little experimentation. Some will find that drugstore mascara will work just as well as high-end versions, and some will find the opposite to be true. I’ve heard some people say they’ll splurge on anything for their skin (cleanser, foundation, powder) and let the rest of their beauty products be from the drugstore. In 2018, figure out what works for you.

9. Deep clean your makeup brushes once a month.

Not only will you be preventing breakouts, you’ll find your makeup will apply much better too. Sonia Kashuk has a great, affordable brush cleanser you can find at Target. Or if you want to splurge a little, you can use Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple face cleanser to wash your brushes, too!

10. Drink a shit ton of water.

I know. Yawn. Everyone and their mother gives this tip, but for good reason. Water is not only amazing for you healthwise, it makes your skin look plump and glowing.

11. Experiment with your makeup.

Try your hand at a cat-eye, a bold lip, or a sultry smokey eye. There are amazing makeup tutorials all over YouTube (the Pixiwoo channel is amazing) if you’re not sure where to start. Part of the fun of makeup is that you can totally transform your look by using different colors or application techniques. It’s a great way to express yourself. Plus, if you hate it, the best part of makeup is that it comes off.

12. Commit to finding a hairstylist who you trust and adore.

They will come to learn your hair and personal style so you’ll always get a cut and color that you’ll totally love. You’ll feel confident going to the hair salon instead of dreading it because you know you won’t get a bad cut or dye job. Plus, you’ll have great conversation because you’ll actually develop a relationship with your hairstylist.

13. And while we’re at it, stop using shitty box dye to color your hair.

The chemicals in at-home dyes are not at all good for your hair or for your scalp. Plus, it never really turns out the way you think it will, does it? There’s a reason cosmetology school is a thing. Let the professionals dye your hair. Yes, it’s expensive but in the end, it will look and be so much better. It’s worth it.

14. And cut your hair regularly, damnit.

How often you have to get your hair cut will vary based on a variety of factors such as hair texture and style (Allure has a great guide). Regularly getting your hair cut will help prevent split ends and make your hair look a ton healthier and full.


Seriously. You’ll have plumper, more hydrated skin that won’t appear dull or flaky. Plus, you’ll be fighting wrinkles. And despite what you may believe, not moisturizing will actually make acne worse. So do yourself a favor and find a good moisturizer and use it. Every day.

16. Invest in a few high quality, versatile clothing pieces that make you feel confident and pulled together.

Stop shopping at fast fashion stores. In the end, you have to replace that Forever 21 crop top after, like, a wash and a half. Figure out what you wear the most, be that jeans, sweaters, tank tops, etc., and buy a high quality version of it that will last.

17. Take time to take care of your nails.

You don’t have to go get shellac manicures every week (that shit is expensive). Simply keep hand cream, a few colors in rotation, some emery boards, and nail polish remover at home and you can do some kickass at home mani and pedis. It really does pull together a look and makes you look a lot more groomed.

18. Throw out expired beauty products!

And finally, in 2018, stop using expired beauty products! A lot of people don’t know this, but beauty products actually expire. Many products will have their expiration date on their box (it will be a little jar with how many months or years it’s good for). But typically, this is how long the following products last:

  • Mascara: three to six months
  • Lipstick: two to three years
  • Cleansers: one year
  • Eyeshadow: two to three years
  • Liquid foundation/concealers: six months to one year


In 2018, commit to taking care of yourself! It’s not vain to care about your appearance. It can really help you feel more confident and pulled together. Plus, it’s just fun. Try and implement these 18 beauty resolutions into your life in the new year. You’ll be happy you did. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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