25 Things You Can Do For Yourself (Without Him)

Everton Vila
Everton Vila

1. Learn a second language

2. Travel to a country that speaks the language you chose and test your skills

3. Switch careers to do something you always wanted to do

4. Throw yourself into the work you already do and kick ass at it

5. Go back to school

6. Go to school for the first time

7. Grow into the person you always wanted to be

8. Come home late, without having to check in and let someone else know you’re not coming home

9. Go home early and not worry that you’re disappointing anyone

10. Breathe in

11. Breathe out

12. Sleep with someone new

13. Get drunk on a Monday night

14. Get lost in Amsterdam or New York City or Portland

15. Move forward with your life

16. Become the best version of yourself

17. Meet someone new

18. Fall in love

19. Write the next great novel

20. Listen to the little voice in your head that says you’re worthy

21. Dance the night away

22. Believe in yourself again

23. Believe in love again

24. Spend more time with your family

25. Realize that you truly can, and truly will, survive without them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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