Cherish The Good In Life, Because Even It Is Temporary

“This too shall pass.” You might have heard this from a family member, a friend, or while browsing online, desperately looking for quotes that could possibly boost your mood when you were going through tough times. However, we tend to continuously forget that this does actually apply to good times as well. Everything in life is temporary. This fact is unarguable and is not limited to the unpleasant moments that we experience every now and then. In fact, this also applies to everything beautiful you have or have experienced, and it is fine.

You might think that I am pessimistic here, but this is just to gently remind you that good things also do not last and it is important to not take anything for granted from now on, leveraging every moment and enjoying it while it occurs. This can be applied to almost anything in life—a terrific holiday you had or a great accomplishment that you thought would bring you ultimate, never-ending happiness. It can be applied to the beautiful connections you experience with other human beings throughout your life. When we think of the experiences we go through in terms of temporariness, it adds a layer of simplicity to things. The emotions that we feel during these experiences become easier to accept and create space for us to become witness to them instead of reacting to or with them.

Think about one of the people you met in your life and embarked with on a journey of connection and affection for a temporary period of time. Remember how sweet the first few days, weeks or months were? The butterflies that you used to have every time they texted you. The joy that you used to feel at the end of the day after going out on a date with them. The consistent good mood that you used to have every time they reassured you that you made their life better by just being in it. And yet it all ended afterwards, as if this connection never existed. However, that experience did have a positive impact on your life one way or another, and it did make you a happier person for that period of time, at least. You can never deny that you did not want it to last forever at that point, but it did end, and you might be wishing now if you actually enjoyed it even more back then.

People in our lives can be temporary. When you first meet them, you are not aware of the expiration date of their existence in your life. When we start thinking in these terms, we start appreciating the people that we love. This leads to creating more meaningful relationships because it teaches us to appreciate them and enjoy their company while they are around. All that you can do is just cherish these moments with them because you never know when that person may exit your story for reasons you may never know or predict.

The chances are high that you will experience something similar in the future. Thus, instead of taking this for granted and worrying much about whether it will last or not, remember to enjoy it and leverage it by letting it affect other aspects of your life positively. When you know that whatever you are experiencing is not going to last, you will start perceiving every experience as either a learning journey or an adventure that will leave you with many memories to reflect on in the future with a big smile.

Everything is temporary—emotions, thoughts, people, and scenery. Do not get attached, just flow with it. Bad times do not last forever, but neither do the good times.

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