Maybe We Aren’t In Love Now, But I’ll Still Always Love You

Tim Stief

How can two people who were once so in love fall out of love just like that?

I mean we were happy, we were so in love. What went wrong?

Everything started falling apart when you asked for space. You needed it, and I gave it to you. Yes, of course it hurt. It was painful. You didn’t know how long this “time” would take and neither did I.

So I waited.

I waited for you to come back. In just a few days, I noticed the changes already. You were suddenly so cold and distant. It was difficult for me to see someone I love drifting away from me. It wasn’t easy seeing you change.

A week passed, you called. You told me you fell out of love.

I cannot describe the pain I felt that night. Everything seemed to fall apart; it felt like every piece of me was being torn apart. But instead of the pain I was feeling, I felt your pain more. It must have hurt, it must have been hard trying to force yourself to fall back in love someone. It must have been hard forcing yourself to love me again. You decided to give ‘us’ one more chance. We decided to fight this together. And I love you for that, I always will.

I know you tried. You were still there for me. You tried to show your love, even if it was gone. You tried your best.

It still pains me. I tried being strong. I tried being strong for you, for us. Every night I would relive our memories through our videos. I used to fall back in love every time I would replay them. But little did I know, I was falling out of love too. I was aware, it hurt; the pain was indescribable. But I still tried fighting, we both did.

It’s hard when two people are falling out of love.

At least we tried our best. We didn’t give up. We gave our hearts another try. 

We still love each other, we’re just not in love anymore.

Please don’t blame yourself for letting go of me. You saved the both of us from hurting. Please don’t worry about me anymore.

Loving you has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I still love you and I always will. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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