This Is The Kind Of Love I Will Wait For


I want a love that’s terrifying and soothing at the same time.

A love that greets you good morning the moment you open your eyes.
A love that kisses your face like sun rays.
A love that keeps you warm like how coffee does to your system, warm yet awakens you.
A love that makes you chill like a cold shower, freezes your mind so you can’t think straight.
A love that lets you feel adorable like when you hug your new clothes.
A love that protects you like umbrella in the rain.
A love that takes you to places.
A love that calms your anxiety.
A love that touches your soul like a hand in your hair.
A love that wipes your tears.
A love that teaches you that loving is not hard even if it’s complicated.
A love that shelters you.
A love that’s so passionate.
A love with no secrets.
A love that encourages you to be better.
A love that fights you over nothing because he thinks you’re cute when you’re mad.
A love that even in silence you feel loud.
A love that’s even with blindfold you still can see.
A love with never ending conversation.
A love that lasts.
A love worth fighting for.
A love that might break you.
A love that will fix you.
A love that heals you.
A love that’s whole.
A love that’s unbreakable.
A love that’s strong.
A love that’ll poke you on head when you’re out of yourself.
A love that hugs you after a deep sigh.
A love that makes you smile.
A love that can make you cry.
A love that accepts you completely.
A love that is home.
A love that whispers good night.

Out of all the things I want from love, I want it to stay, no matter how hard love can be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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