Wrong Timing Doesn’t Exist But The Right Person Does

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If only timing were a person, he would’ve reacted long ago from all the blaming of being one of the reasons why most relationships fail. Because just recently, I seemed to question, why is it timing’s fault? Do some relationships really end ultimately because of wrong timing? Does wrong timing even exist?

While the concept of “wrong timing” is unclear, right timing definitely does exist. It exists in many forms, enchanting us is many ways, using many terms we like to call them: destiny, serendipity, luck, fate, or God’s plan. On the other hand, wrong timing, I have come to understand, does not exist. Because the truth is that the people who walked away from our lives and claimed that it was because of wrong timing were simply just not the right people. The right person would never blame timing for leaving, from escaping, because the right person knows how to fight against the odds. The right person wouldn’t blame anything because he wouldn’t need any reason to blame something in the first place. The right person will never be swayed by the strong waves and the loud thunders. The right person trusts you and your bond and hangs on to his love when times get hard. The right person holds your hand when you are weak and embraces you when you’re the weakest.

The right person will do things in just the right timing. He understands that things will not always be easy and since he does, all he would know is to stay – simply stay – when things get rough. All he would know is that what he needs is to just be there – nothing more, nothing less. The right person does things in the right timing, and he would know you completely. He would know you when you’re a peaceful sea and even when you’re a raging storm. He would never hold you back and instead let you fly; he will be there with you as you are with him in achieving your aspirations, and he will genuinely be happy in doing so. He would not cross the ocean for you but you will do it together. He will see your pain by looking into your eyes and he will hear your heart even when you don’t speak.

Love and timing should never be at war. Because when the right person comes, you’ll never question whether you’re ready or not, whether it’s the right time or not – you just know. Your heart, amidst the intense beating, will be at ease. Your soul will be calm. You will finally feel like you’re home. The right person would not make you tremble and worry that he might leave because in his eyes you will find confidence. The right person will be your shelter and your confidant when no one in the world would want to hear your voice. With the right person, every time will be the right time. Because when you meet the right person, timing won’t even be an issue. Once the right person comes, time would not even exist.

All the pain you felt from all your past heartbreaks would even seem to be worth it because of the amount of happiness you would feel from being with the right person. You would not worry about finding time to be together because you would both agree with simple to extreme ways to actually make your relationship work. Sure, there might be misunderstandings but there will be no excuses because the right person won’t just let a beautiful story end. He may not know how, but he will try his hardest to fix broken things – even if the broken thing is you or your relationship itself. The right person walks away only to give you space and not to make you face your demons alone. He will embrace you, all that you are, all that you are not, and all that you’ll never be.

So here’s to every one of us who, once in our lives, had been with people who blamed wrong timing for making our past relationships fail. Here’s to us realizing that wrong timing are just an excuse of people who aren’t brave enough or strong enough. Here’s to us accepting that the people who left us may have really, genuinely loved us – although that love wasn’t great enough to make them stay – but it wasn’t timing’s fault why they walked away. Here’s to us understanding that real love makes timing insignificant; like the rain, it just falls, and the right person knows just when to bring an umbrella or when to enjoy the heaven’s shower. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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