This Is Why You Secretly Love Sadness And Need A Little Heartbreak

Yes, you love happy endings. But you also love sad movies, the ones that tug your heartstrings so hard they become a part of you. You love sad songs, the ones that, whether or not you can relate to the lyrics, make you ache inside.

You love sad stories because once in your life, you may have experienced the same feelings the characters feel. And this is why you secretly love sadness, and even if it’s most of the time unhealthy, you would always do.

You secretly love sadness because it makes you feel alive.
It makes you feel that you’re fighting for something. It makes you a warrior. And your fight is important because it’s not a princess or a land of gold you’re trying to save; it’s your own happiness. Sadness is a normal feeling and like most feelings like anger, passion or love, the more you try to fight it, the more it will try to stay.

Likewise, hiding sadness is also impossible. It reflects in your soul, and the soul, while an intangible being, has a mouth, and it breathes through your eyes. Your eyes reveal everything and sadness is not excluded from the things it does.

You secretly love sadness because it makes you human.
And being human means getting all kinds of feelings, including sadness. You love sad movies because you know that deep in your heart, in spite of the sadness they give you, it wasn’t for nothing. The death of the main character, his sickness or their breakup all have a meaning. It has a meaning and you understand and love it.

You love sad songs because you simply like the aching they give you. And you have to admit that there’s a little masochist inside you that tells you to listen to sad songs whenever you are sad. Isn’t that a little fucked up? Lastly, you love sad stories because most of the time, they show great love. Because who are we kidding? We’re all a sucker for great love stories.

A heart that has never been broken is not as strong as the heart that has.
And this is why you unconsciously need a little heartbreak: because even if it hurts, it makes you love more, too. It teaches you to love, whether that person is the same one who broke your heart in the first place or the person who’s destined to heal it. It helps you become a better person.

It helps you to try not to break other people’s hearts because you have experienced having your heart broken first handedly. It allows you to be the person you are meant to be: one who can face the world with a bright smile in spite of all your experiences, good and bad, in the past.

It doesn’t have to end well for a story to be memorable. Sometimes, the best ones are those that make us feel sad and our hearts ache. A Walk to Remember. Titanic. The Fault in Our Stars. These stories did not end the way the viewers or readers wanted them to end. They made us cry. They made us sad. They made our hearts break.

But we did not protest; we never did. We did not question. Because in our minds and it our hearts, despite their stories being sad, they still taught us a lesson. These kind of stories taught us that parting or sickness or death does not mean the end of a love.

Love is eternal and it transcends beyond these things. These stories, in our hopeless romantic hearts, that real love is possible. Ironically, despite the sad endings, they gave us hope. These stories made us realize that sadness and heartbreaks have a meaning, and that is hope.

You secretly love sadness and unconsciously need a little heartbreak because you hope. You hope that you’ll get over them. You hope that these feelings aren’t lasting. You hope, and you believe. That’s why maybe it’s time to accept it, to embrace it. Maybe it’s time to understand that sadness is here to stay and that heartbreaks are most of the time inescapable.

Maybe it’s time to stop succumbing when facing these feelings. Maybe it’s time to be proud that wow, you’re actually strong enough to be sad and strong enough to breathe even when your heart is broken. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

It’s what we ache for that matters.

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