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Here’s How Envy Might Be Sabotaging Your Dreams

Never let envy make you forget the person who you were before you started to dream.

Despite what the world tells you, stop wanting too much—otherwise, you’ll forget all the hard work you had to go through to be where you are now. Always ask yourself, whenever you feel that desire to have something that others have that you think you need in your life, “What was my goal again?”

Don’t feel worthless whenever a friend gets promoted. Never welcome bitterness whenever a flatmate leaves and decides to have their own private place. Stop being envious when a friend buys a new gadget. Instead of focusing on the feeling of dissatisfaction, set your mind on the important stuff and be happy for them.

We all have our desires, so never let other people’s achievements dictate your own. Remember who you were before everything else. Picture the finish line you so desperately wanted to cross and all the sweat and tears you poured to reach your goal.

Human beings are remarkable creatures. We can conform to an ever-changing world and have an inconsistent society that shapes our character, hopes, and intentions, despite the disparity. Nowadays, some people rely on their friends’ preferences to determine what their purposes are. Unfortunately, this gives birth to envy and jealousy, which usually ends up with decisions that we often end up regretting.

It is true that if not for your priorities, you’d be able to afford a new place, maybe a brand new phone, or perhaps something to post on Instagram to make you the talk of the town.

But these things aren’t important.

Your peers are the only ones that think you need them. You will always have other priorities. You should want things without the influence of others. Be grateful for the things that you have, for not so long ago, they were mere dreams beyond your reach.

Don’t get stuck in the desiring loop and celebrate humble victories so you can move forward towards the right path, or else you will end up craving more than what you have until you reach a dead end. The next thing you know, it already consumed a majority of your life, and you’ll be in a state where there’s no going back.

Be proud of yourself. Despite all the wonderful, irrefutable distractions that the world offered, you refused and resisted sensibly.

Let your humility, focus, and firm stand help you believe that what’s for others is not yet meant for you. In the meantime, be that person who’s bound to the limited options that life can offer. Whenever you feel that the world’s greed is eating you up, stand in the mirror and talk to yourself. Ask, What was it that you want to accomplish?

Finish your goal and move forward to what’s next in line. Go beyond your comfort zone and take risks, but never gamble. Life is short. Live life as if it’s your last. But do it properly—don’t rush. Instead, plan and strategize. There’s no hurt in planning and waiting. The heart is deceitful, so don’t rely on it alone. Use your head and always make the most out of it.

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