Strong Women Deserve (Emotionally) Strong Men

Strong Women Deserve (Emotionally) Strong Men

Strong women are beautifully strong and powerful. They are beautiful creatures that many men admire from afar, but only very few are brave enough to date them.

Strong women have endured many battles that broke them but they learned to pick themselves up and never gave up. Their spirits are brave, their hearts are as strong as a stone on the outside but also soft on the inside. Their skin has grown thick from the many hits that they took.

Strong women got their strength by climbing out of dark and deep pits. They’ve swum in vicious waters without drowning. They have walked miles in treacherous forests but always found their way out. They are strong because they are survivors.

They have tenacious personalities that can be extremely intimidating. Their kind of intensity is difficult for some men to understand. They aren’t submissive. They aren’t people pleasers. They are strong-willed and bold.

It takes strong men to understand the emotional chaos that comes up with this type of women.

Strong women deserve men that are honest. They deserve men that will express how they feel and won’t hide anything. Men that will be able to take their opinion and not feel threatened or insulted. Men that will listen to them and will be eager to engage in constructive conversations. Men that are straight forward and sincere. Strong women like to have things cut and dry because they do not like things to be vague or ambiguous.

Strong women deserve men that know what they want. They have been hurt before and don’t have time for games. Strong women don’t waste their life in dead-end relationships; if they want to be with you, they’ll tell you. If not, they’ll let you know, wish you the best and move on. And they expect you to do the same, don’t try to drag them along or toy with their feelings.

Strong women deserve men that will respect their independence. They don’t want to be glued to a man because they have a life of their own. They deserve men that will understand that they will not always be available because they are always working on their careers and goals. Strong women deserve men that will support them and won’t hold them back.

Strong deserve men that have no fear of showing their vulnerability. They deserve men that can be open about their feelings and fears. Strong women are willing to share their fears and show their scars, and they want men that can do the same. It takes strength to be open and vulnerable- and only strong men can do that.

Strong women deserve men that are confident. Strong women do not have the time nor the energy to emotionally groom a man’s self-esteem. They deserve men that are secure within their abilities and are comfortable in their own skin.

Strong women deserve men that love hard. Strong women are very passionate and they love with everything they’ve got. They don’t do half-ass love. They don’t want mediocre love, they are searching for a strong connection. They aren’t just looking for someone to love; they’re looking for a soulmate. They want someone that will add value to their life. They want a deep connection and it takes strong men to go that deep.

Strong women deserve men that are emotionally strong. Not just physical strength but the strength that comes from the inside. Men that have the strength to stand tall with them in the face of adversity. They deserve men that can face any challenges head-on and won’t leave when life when rough. They deserve men that can navigate with them through oceans of uncertainty and madness. Strong women are not looking for a savior, they are looking for another warrior that is strong enough to fight the toughest battles alongside them and not for them.

Strong women deserve emotionally strong men to be there for them when they are tired. Strong women get tired of always having to be the strong ones- it’s plain exhausting. They deserve men that can provide comfort, whenever it’s needed. They deserve strong arms to hold them tightly when they are breaking apart. They want a set of lips that speak kind words that lift them when they are falling. They deserve men that understand that even the strongest women have weak moments. Strong women deserve men that are a bit stronger to pull them out the dark and bring out to the light when they can’t find their way out.

Strong women deserve men that will grow with them as they continue exploring the world.

Strong women deserve men that recognize and acknowledge their strengths and respect them for all that they are.

Strong women deserve men that will celebrate all their wins and will support them through their losses.

Strong women deserve emotionally strong men that can handle the intensity, fierceness, and independence that their strength portrays.

It takes emotionally strong men to handle the intelligence, honesty, love, and madness that a strong woman brings. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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