Here’s The Thing: Fuck New Year’s Resolutions

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Fuck new year’s resolutions. Yes, fuck them.

Okay, so I am sure I already pushed some buttons with the title and the first sentence of this article. But if you are here, please hear me out.

Every year I see people saying, “New year, new me” all over my newsfeed, and they make a list of lofty ambitions and goals for the upcoming year.

There isn’t anything wrong with making resolutions. I am empathetic to the idea, but if you know that something has to change, why the hell would you wait till the new year to do something about it? Do you know how long you will live?

Well, no one does. Even if you are in perfect health and live in a bubble, that doesn’t guarantee that you will have a long life. Have you seen all the crazy shit that is happening every day?

Innocent people lose their lives. You could be walking down the street and some asshole could run you over. I don’t mean to sound harsh or scare anyone, but we often fail to realize how short our lives really are.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed. The clock keeps ticking and time never stops. Life isn’t going to wait around for you. You have to make life happen. While you’re waiting for the next year to start doing something, someone somewhere is facing death and counting their last minutes. There’s someone somewhere that didn’t get to wake up today. While you are doing nothing, someone somewhere wishes they had more time. Yes, you are here today, but you could be that someone tomorrow.

Do you know when the perfect time is to make a fresh start?

The answer is: every morning when you open your eyes.

Every day that you get to spend on this earth is the perfect time to work on becoming the best version of yourself and to improve your life. Every day you get a chance to put yesterday behind you and start fresh. So while you’re here, get the most you can out of life by making a daily commitment to getting better.

There’s 365 equally good days to change your life. Start making the changes you need in your life. Start working on the goals you want to achieve. Stop waiting around for the symbolic reset. Do something that you’ve been putting off. See what you can do right now. Make a decision to do it, figure out how you’re gonna get it done, then start with really small changes and prove yourself that you can do it.

There isn’t an specific start or end date to do what you need to do.

Once you achieve your goals, make a new list and find more things you can improve. There’s always so much to do, so much to improve and so much to learn.

Becoming better and improving your life should be an everyday resolution. I challenge you to do something every day that will get you closer to your goals.

Try and do better today than you did yesterday.

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