This Is What It Means To Be A Strong Woman

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Learning to appreciate womanhood has been a journey for me, but I can now confidently say that I am a strong woman.

The woman that I see now, it is not the same woman from a few years ago. I am not even the same woman that I was yesterday.

A strong woman is fierce, we learned to become strong because we know what it feels to be weak, vulnerable and broken. We became strong by overcoming obstacles in life that seem insurmountable.

A strong woman is fearless, we learned to become fearless because we have lived in fear before, fear of rejection, fear of not being enough and fear of failure. We no longer let fear stop us from doing what sets our souls in fire and makes our hearts beat faster. We move forward with steady steps and a fearless heart.

A strong woman is a warrior, not violent or aggressive, but tempered by humility. She’s a warrior; fleshing out the beauty of fierceness in her daily life.

A strong woman is unapologetic, she has a no-bullshit attitude.

A strong woman has worked very hard to become her truest self. And the fact that she had to work hard to be who she is, makes her a total bad-ass.

A strong woman is a go-getter, she keeps moving forward each and every day on her journey towards what is possible.

A strong woman is tough, she stands on her ground when things get rough.

A strong woman is always looking to better herself and the world around her.

Being a strong woman has nothing to do with being perfect with incredible genetics. Being a strong woman is accepting our bodies the way they are in this very moment. Loving every stretch mark, every scar, every pound, every blemish and every inch of your skin. Loving all our imperfections. Loving our curves and striations that define our vessel. Loving the essence that makes us women and the beautiful muscles that make us warriors.

I love being a strong woman. I can be vulnerable and powerful. I am strong, but I am also soft. I love being outspoken and unapologetic. But I can also speak with kindness and softness. I can be a graceful lady and be a warrior when I need to be.

I love being a strong woman. I love my deep, natural capacity to nurture and love and care. I love my strength and power. I love my sensitivity and tenderness.

A strong woman is an amazing creature with unique beauty.

A strong woman has different strengths, qualities, and tendencies than everyone else. A strong woman is an incredible being of love, light, and strength. And she can do anything beautifully.

A woman must be strong. Not destructively strong but beautifully strong. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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