These Are The Words Of Encouragement You Need When Your Soul Is Exhausted

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Weariness, sleeplessness, constant tiredness are signs that your soul is exhausted, we’ve all experienced it. I find myself so tired at times, physically and mentally, and I seem to totally forget all the wonderful, unique things about myself and just how damn strong I am. I get stuck in my head and allow my inner critic to completely tear apart my thought process.

Exhaustion causes an array of negative energy. It can cause insecurity and make you doubt your life path, make you wonder if giving up is easier, and second guess everything. But keep in mind that the times when its most important to persevere are the times that you will be most tested.

Life will throw curveballs at you, it will attempt to break you down. And just when you think things are starting to get better, life will smack you back down with ruthless indifference.

Don’t be afraid to fall apart for a little while. It’s OK to not be strong all the time. It’s OK to cry it out when it’s driving you insane. Its OK to not be OK. It’s OK to break down. It’s OK to not have it all together. It’s OK to be exhausted. Allow yourself to feel. Focus on yourself right now. Give yourself time to rest, because when you do that, the situation will open into an opportunity for you to heal from it, grow from it, and rebuild yourself, when you come out if this you will be stronger, brighter, wiser than you were before. You are going to be on another level.

What you are going through will be over. The exhaustion that you are feeling so deep in your bones, will be gone. I want you to trust the process. Your mind might tell you that this will last forever, but it will NOT. You, the strong one, just need time to rest your exhausted soul. Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle. You are strong enough to pull yourself out of this. Life is tough, but you are tougher. You were placed in this earth to face life’s struggles because you are strong enough to handle it

Pain from exhaustion is part of growing and living a stronger, more meaningful life. No matter how much it hurts, hold your head up and keep going. This is important to remember when you feel so tired from it all that you can’t take it anymore. Remember, no pain comes without a purpose.

We all have cracks in our souls.

We all face loss, fear, heartbreak, tiredness, and sadness.

There are things that will break us, challenge us, test our limits and make us weak.

But at the end of the day. As long as your heart is still beating, you can make it through anything. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself worrying about what might happen next. You don’t have any control over that. But you do have the present moment. Take a deep breath and stay committed to being right here, right now. Just take it one day at a time, you will make it. 

I wrote this to send strength and faith out into the universe, so it can reach all those exhausted souls. I hope that whoever is reading this message gives you light and reminds you to stay positive, stay strong, and to keep going. So many of us are fighting the same exact battle alongside you. We are all in this together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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