How Joining TikTok Led To Me Losing 7 Pounds

My teen spent years praising TikTok before I finally downloaded the app. I always thought of TikTok as something for teens and college students, not a hot hangout for millennial moms. I figured I’d hate the videos and get bored quickly.

I was so wrong.

TikTok is for everyone — well, everyone age 13 and older. My feed is filled with teachers, nurses, and police officers, plus parents and golden-agers. Oh, and Jason Derulo. Lots of Jason Derulo vids.

People from around the world make quick clips showcasing their dance moves. Artists create beautiful resin art, and chefs whip up quick gourmet treats. Parents prank their kids and significant others.

And they’re all having a blast.

40-year-old moms rock out to the same songs as teens, and nobody cares. Users provide words of encouragement when someone posts a video about being bullied or having a bad day. Plus-sized men and women get thousands of likes when they nail a dance routine. Elderly women share stories about how they’re thriving after divorce.

It’s the kind of positivity I’ve been looking for on social media. When I need a break from Facebook rants and condescending Tweets, I head to TikTok. When I’m sick of looking at perfect pics on Instagram, I know it’s TikTok time.

I also keep up on current events through TikTok. Sarah Cooper lip syncs Trump’s ridiculous statements, and I love it. Protesters across the globe share emotional videos hashtagged #BlackLivesMatter, and it’s amazing to see the world coming together to fight for justice. Doctors provide updates on COVID-19 and other medical concerns.

I have everything I want in one place.

After gaining a ridiculous amount of weight over the last couple years, I’ve been meaning to join Beachbody. I’m ready to shed some pounds and stop making excuses for my weight gain.

Then I discovered TikTok. Who needs Beachbody when TikTok is full of calorie-burning dances? Thanks to TikTok, I know all the moves to DaBaby’s “Rockstar” and “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion.

I can also do that dance everyone does that looks kinda like the Macarena. You know, that one where you tap each shoulder and then raise your arm in the air? Help me out, TikTok folks.

I’m a little disappointed that the Wipe it Down challenge doesn’t work in real life, but I’ll survive. I don’t wear makeup that often anyway. I’m just here to dance and meet friendly people.

I started doing kid-appropriate TikTok dances so I could bond with my family during the quarantine. After losing 7lbs, I think I’ll stick with the app long after the pandemic ends. My dance moves still suck and probably always will, but I’m having too much fun to care.

Weight loss has always seemed intimidating and overwhelming. Thankfully, TikTok has shown me I can shed pounds without sacrificing my sanity.

I know I joked about my dance skills earlier, but I’m doing way better than I expected. I didn’t realize how flexible I was until I started bending and twirling in different ways. I’m starting to love what my body can do.

Every twist and dip helps me feel better about myself, and it’s not just the endorphins. TikTok has helped me regain confidence and enthusiasm. I have more energy. I sing in the shower. I blast music on Alexa while my kids and I dance.

Life is good, and not just on social media.

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