50 Life-Changing Sobriety Tips

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1. Change everything about your life.

2. Don’t hang out at bars.

3. Make sober friends and do sober activities.

4. Avoid friends that drink or use.

5. Avoid intimacy or relations with individuals who don’t value you.

6. Using or drinking prevents you from working to your full potential in every aspect of your life.

7. Have selfless goals such as ‘being a good parent’ or ‘being a good friend’ that motivate you to stay sober.

8. Be comfortable with being alone.

9. Cry and laugh; don’t suppress your emotions.

10. Block friends that ask or trigger you to drink or use with them.

11. Apologize when you are wrong or hurt someone’s feelings.

12. Physical exercise is an authentic high.

13. Using and drinking only creates artificial happiness.

14. When people hurt you, they are hurting internally.

15. Your story and journey inspires others.

16. Don’t be or get into a relationship with a partner who drinks or uses.

17. Go to the beach when you can; the sand has healing properties.

18. Pray to your higher power to help and guide you.

19. Don’t worry or stress out when things go wrong; just do the next right thing. No one likes a complainer.

20. Codependent relationships must end.

21. God has a greater plan for you than you have for yourself.

22. Unconditionally love yourself.

23. God’s timing is perfect.

24. You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.

24. Forgive yourself and forgive others.

25. Take a melatonin or go to a sleep clinic if you can’t sleep or have insomnia.

26. Don’t compare yourself to others.

27. Humble yourself; have empathy for others.

28. Be mindful about what you put into your body.

29. Surround yourself with people who love you until you can love yourself.

30. Focus on bettering yourself every day.

31. If drinking and using is your way of coping, find new coping skills.

32. Secrets keep you sick.

33. Have high standards in every area of your life.

34. Every day that you stay sober, the clearer your mind becomes.

35. When you are upset, practice gratitude.

36. You are enough; anyone who makes you feel otherwise is toxic and not well.

37. Many successful people do not drink (ex. Donald Trump, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian).

38. Laugh at tragedy, cry at gratitude.

39. Finish things that you have left unfinished.

41. Count your blessings. Many people have it way worse than you.

42. When you drink or use, you are a perverted version of yourself. (ex., telling acquaintances how much you love them when intoxicated).

43. Drinking and using don’t solve your problems, they make them worse.

44. Your judgment is clouded when you drink or use (ex. domestic violence, driving while intoxicated).

45. Educate yourself about the science of addiction (ex. dopamine deficiency, genetic predisposition, environmental stressors, etc.).

46. It’s okay to miss out on significant events if you feel they will trigger you to drink or use.

47. Make a list of obtainable goals and set out to achieve them.

48. Helping others helps you stay sober.

49. The enlightening moments you get the longer you stay sober help you to make better decisions in the future.

50. Sobriety is the best gift you can give yourself and others. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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