10 Things Body-Positive Women Should Do Every Day

Jeremy Cai

We have all been there: ten minutes before a party, throwing every dress on the floor trying to find the magical one that doesn’t make our backside too large or our stomach too prominent. Yeah, so we bought a dress for this occasion just last week, but suddenly, it doesn’t fit right.

And it’s not because our bodies have changed!

Rather, it’s because our mindset has changed. Maybe we are a bit more tired this evening. Maybe we had a rough day on the job. Whatever it is, we lost sight of how drop-dead gorgeous we are inside and out! And it’s time we get that body confidence back.

So I went straight to the experts – the women in my life – and compiled a list of the 10 Things Body Positive Women Do EVERY DAY!

1. They wake up with a smile!

When they first look at themselves in the mirror, they don’t rub their eyes and sigh over the dark circles. They don’t sulk at the pre-sunrise hour. Instead, body positive women begin the day by throwing cold water over their skin, taking a deep breath, and exhaling into the mirror with a BEAUTIFUL smile!

2. They get moving.

Whether these body positive women are morning or night people, they all start their days with a little exercise. A dozen jumping jacks, a run along the Charles River, a walk with the dog. These women begin the day with blood flowing and energy rising.

3. They connect with a loved one.

Having a body positive mindset is one thing, but sharing it is an added, marvelous dimension! And body positive women know that! Not a day will go by without giving a hug, receiving affection, and seeing just what a beautiful body and a soft touch can do for the soul.

4. They fall in love with themselves.

And not just because of their amazingly beautiful bodies! These body positive women fall in love with the spirit contained within their curves and corners. They know who they are, they share their individuality with the world, and they carry such an authentic spirit that any body would be proud to host and reflect of that beautiful soul.

5. They treat their body with gratitude.

Because, listen, our bodies can do some incredible things! Like help a child or hug a parent. Our bodies allow us to create art and dance to the music of life. There is practically no greater gift in the world than a body – in any form, at any level of function – and these body positive women unanimously agreed! In fact, some even had gratitude lists on their refrigerator doors thanking their well-nourished bodies.

And, speaking of nourishment…

6. They nourish their souls.

Whole foods, whole grains, whole bites of inspiration. These body positive women fuel their spirits with fresh foods and inspiring quotes. In fact, every bite that they take is a bite in favor of health. Sometimes, that bite of health is simply a dose of needed pleasure, because who doesn’t love chocolate?! But, no matter what health they are biting, these body positive women fill a meal with nourishment and finish a meal with motivation – a quote from a favorite author, a dollop of comedy. Whatever their spirits and physiques need at the moment!

7. They look forward to the unexpected.

Our bodies do not stay the same. They can’t! A body carries our journey, our life, our stories in each crack. Every day, something new and exciting changes the way we hold ourselves, and body positive women look forward to seeing these changes. A grey hair? Great! I’m all the wiser. An extra pound? Yes! More of me to embrace. With such positivity, every day brings new energy to life!

8. They wear helmets, not band aids.

Even with busy schedules, these body positive women found it nearly impossible to love their bodies when they weren’t checking up on their bodies – going to the doctor regularly, getting dental cleanings, allowing for ample rest. All those 5000 mile checkups can start to seem a little unnecessary, especially with the busy life of a working woman, but these body positive women know how that the little acts of prevention matter!

9. They are their own cheerleaders.

Single, married, not looking for love…. These body positive women don’t wait for a man or anyone else to tell them they are beautiful. They tell themselves! They own their beauty, they cherish their beauty, and they share their beauty with the world. And really, with that kind of confidence, no one could be more stunning.

10. They live a life beyond compare.

And I mean that quite literally. If these body positive woman know one thing to be true, it’s that life is not a competition. It’s not a fight over who has the best look and who has the biggest heart. Rather, it’s a journey, a gift, and one that we can all take together. No need to compare!

So love your body, love your self, and be sure to let me know how these 10 body positive tips transform your life! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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