11 Things You Inevitably End Up Doing When You Visit Home As An Adult

1. Learn how to drive again

For people who live in cities, it could have been several months since the last time you drove. This means everything feels foreign again. Even differentiating the gas pedal and the break takes more thought than it should. Good luck everyone else on the road…you’re screwed!

2. Sleep like you’re hibernating

Like a bear in the wilderness, you fatten yourself up with food and go into a deep sleep, growling at those who dare to wake you.

3. Depend on your parents for everything

All of a sudden you’ve conveniently forgotten how to do dishes, cook for yourself, and clean up after yourself. But if anyone asks, you’ve really gotten your life together!

4. Drink

You are not often seen without a glass of something in your hand. I like to call it “let’s all get along juice”.

5. Let hygiene and fashion go out the window

Suddenly showering and doing your hair become unnecessary. I mean… family will love you no matter what you look like, right?

6. Get lost

Even if you lived in your hometown for a really long time, some streets and landmarks start to feel like very foggy memories and you’ll find yourself asking how to get to places you used to know like the back of your hand.

7. Look at embarrassing photos

My personal favorite era to delve into is the 12-15 year-old range. That’s when the braces, awkward body changes, and awful fashion really flourished most.

8. Try on your old high school clothes

Abercrombie? Hollister? Juicy couture? WHAT WAS I THINKING?! I swear…I even saw a trucker hat too.

9. Eat everything

Nothing in the fridge is safe.

10. Read old journals

All the “drama” just seems so laughable now.

11. Bother your pets

If you’re lucky enough to have pets who are still around from before you moved out, you sure as hell know that you are going to be bugging them for attention the whole trip. Cats are especially resentful of this (reference video above to see full-on cat rejection). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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