10 Signs You’re Turning Into Your Mother

1. You’ve become a little too comfortable touching other people in public.

The moment you see that a friend or acquaintance has a cowlick or a bit of “shmutz” on their face, you find yourself personally tending to it. Some people may swat away at your advances, but those closest to you just give in.

2. Any technological issues you have require everyone’s immediate attention.

Whenever you “break the Internetz” or “something is wrong with the Tweeter,” you start calling for anyone who is home to come help.

3. You’ve become more and more assertive about your needs and the needs of your loved ones.

Remember when you used to watch your Mom lecture call center workers about respect and fairness on the phone? Yeah…that’s you now.

4. You’ve started carrying your entire world in your purse, which means you can’t find anything in it.

Every time your cell phone starts to ring, you have to search through the nonsense that fills your bag for a solid few minutes before you can find your phone to answer. This results in endless missed calls, voicemails (barf), and headaches for all of those around you.

5. You’ve suddenly decided that you’re the world’s best matchmaker.

You think you’re the new match.com, but really you’re just the creator of many very silent and very awkward dinner dates.

6. Not matter what the weather is like, you insist that everyone brings a sweater with them whenever they leave the house.

“Don’t come crying to me when you’re cold! That’s all I have to say!” -You shout to them as they decline.

7. Some of your dance moves fall under the “Mom Dancing” category.

“The Swim,” “the Robot,” and “the Twist” have become a part of your dancing repertoire and you aren’t afraid to bust them out at a good wedding or Bar Mitzvah.

8. No matter where you’re going, you aren’t ready unless you’ve put on lipstick.

Even if you’re just going to the dentist or to take out the trash, you insist on topping up your lips with your go-to shade. You never know who you’re gonna run into!

9. You’ve started giving the world’s best compliments.

Like a true Mom, you don’t just give fleeting compliments anymore. You give tear-jerking, life-changing, and incredibly genuine compliments that lift people up and usually end in a warm embrace.

10. The idea of power walking doesn’t seem as ridiculous as it used to be.

I mean… it is technically cardio. Plus, running is just so hard on the knees. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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