Calling Is Greater Than Texting

Is it a big surprise to you that while text messaging may have been the reason you started talking to someone, it might just be the reason you stop talking to someone? This generation is one where we want the easiest way into someone’s heart. We use text messaging as our way into each other’s life.

Texting has become our easy way into someone’s life. Texting has almost entirely replaced phone calls because it’s the easy way out. When was the last time you had a long and meaningful conversation over the phone with someone who wasn’t your very best friend or a family member? It’s easier to send someone a text message saying, “Hey what’s up” or “how are things?” rather than taking the time to call someone up. It takes more courage to call someone and talk to him or her than to send a text.

We have become a society that waits for a text message and even freaks out when someone hasn’t responded to their texts. I’m sure you are able to have full conversations with someone over texts, but why would you want to? Wouldn’t you rather be there with someone to have a conversation or at least speaking to them on the phone?

Not to mention the types of conversations that we have over text message are ones we should be having at least over the phone. In the past three months at least five people have told me that at some point one a relationship of theirs had ended over text message. What do you even tell people when they ask you how your relationship ended? “He/she dumped me over text” or “I dumped him/her on text”… talk about awkward.

The worst part about this is with text messaging, is that until you may choose to delete the text message; it’s yours to re-read over and over again. It’s your text message to read in happiness, anger, or in sorrow. That’s your text message to share to all your friends and overanalyze every single word written. It’s also your text message to take screen shots of and text your friends asking you what you should say next (which I have done many times and accidentally texting the person I was originally talking to the conversation – now lets talk about super awkward).

So next time you think of sending that risky text message confessing your love or the end of your love for that someone, rethink that and call them up instead. We need to break away from texting, because at the end of the day all it does is cause us harm, heartache, and confusion. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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