Little Reminders To Help You Stay True To Yourself


It’s uncomfortable to speak up for what your heart says feels right or true when social etiquette tells you to keep your mouth shut.

It’s uncomfortable to resist the urge to settle.

It’s uncomfortable to have no idea what’s going to happen next or how you will deal with it.

It’s uncomfortable to dig deep and ask yourself critical questions about your integrity and passions.

It’s uncomfortable to feel physical pain, however necessary or subjective it is.

It’s uncomfortable to look away from people or situations in need because their dependence on you will challenge your physical or mental space for a while.

It’s uncomfortable to listen to pain, suffering, truth, mediocrity and darkness because you might empathise and see too much of the things buried in your own conscious.

It’s uncomfortable to act on ideas and movements that will require so much of your love and energy you wonder how you will find it in you to generate more.

It’s uncomfortable to live from your heart space, the cages off and everything you truly are is exposed.

It’s uncomfortable to be vulnerable.

Just like every other beautiful thing on this earth.

I’ve gotta keep reminding myself to be beautiful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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