A Wise Woman Knows What She Wants, But A Wild Woman Knows How To Get It

There is a woman within us who has no doubt about the power she wields. She feels all the energy of the earth, the potential of her own body, and the more she says YES-YES-YES to herself, the more the world bends to meet her.

You do not have to go searching for this woman by backpacking in India or moving into a treehouse in Maine, though if that is your song, sing it proud. She, the wise and wild woman, vibrates through your chest in this moment, aching to be let out, clawing for your attention as you sit at your desk, in your car, at your appointment, on your couch.

She’s the punch in the gut when the decade turns over and you’re left wondering where the time went, if you made it mean anything. She’s the tear in your eye when a song catches you totally off guard and, in a nanosecond, demolishes the belief that you have your shit together. And she’s the woman crying out in anguish every time you abandon yourself to your fears and insecurities.

The wise woman knows what she wants. She has not been shut down, turned off, numbed. She doesn’t believe what she wants is confusing, impossible, unaligned.

To ignite her wisdom, the wisdom within, ignite your desire. Desire is the lifeforce of motivation. It will show you where you want to go.

And if your biggest fear comes true, and knowing what you truly want reveals that the life you’ve created, the very structure around you, isn’t what you want, that you are suffocating in its walls, you have two options:

1. Run headstrong into your desire and satisfy it as is, relishing the liberation, the alignment, the fulfillment.

2. Change your desire with all the power that comes from your new awareness. Redirect your energies to the desires of your higher self, opening yourself up to the fluidity of your humanity.

That’s where the wild woman comes in. She is the powerhouse of energy that moves through you, in you, pushing you up against opportunities in your life. She is the lust for life that lets desire move you into something greater, something that makes a difference: action.

Without both the wise and wild, you will be aimless, stuck, fearful.

But with them, with your true desires lined up with your empowered energy and focus, you are unstoppable.

Because if you have the energy and you want it badly enough, it comes. No hesitations. No temporary setbacks becoming insurmountable obstacles. No nasty comments throwing you off the scent.

Some call it the Law of Attraction. Flow.

It’s just wise woman desire aligned with wild woman action.

Release her within. Stop holding her captive. She’s here. She’s now. She just needs your attention. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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