Unleash The Witch Within

Welcome to October. It’s the best time of year to unleash the witch within.

The witch is the only female archetype who isn’t defined by her proximity or relationship to someone else. The mother archetype is defined by having children. The maiden or virgin is based on who she hasn’t fucked. The enchantress is based on who wants to fuck her, the queen is dependent on subjects to rule, and even the goddess is defined in relation to those who would worship her.

But the witch, she stands alone. Defined by no one but herself. Often rejected for her power; judged by others who are infuriated that they cannot control her.

She owes nothing to anyone, and it makes her dangerous.

If she senses the tides changing, and she rises above. The winds shift, and you realize she was behind it all. She is brightness and shadows. She is unbridled feminine power in its truest sense.

She comes alive in all of us each October as the night encroaches in on the sun, and we are faced with beautiful, dying nature all around us.

You don’t have to be Wiccan or pagan to embody the power of a witch. Archetypes exist in each of us, and we can explore them to bring up different qualities we desire.

The harvest festivities all around us ignite a deeper sense of connection we’d lost during the hot, busy, summer months. It’s now we get to ask: What is dying in me and what is coming alive?

In this moment of my life, I desire liberation. I am trying to bring who I truly am to light despite the fear of being rejected. I am growing my capacity for creative and wild energy.

The witch is the female figure I keep coming back to over and over during this time of transition. She helps me stand tall, to embrace mystery, and love myself as a whole human, darkness and light.

Existential Crisis Coach

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