What It’s Like To Be A Fresh Graduate In Our Society


You’ll expect me to say it’s frightening. Well, you don’t expect me to lie, right? Because it is. It’s very frightening, to be exact.

Facing the world on your own, as a fish in the sea waiting to be eaten by sharks. Don’t get me wrong. We, the college students, waited for this day to come; to finally march our way to the career we studied for years to be completed. This is for the days we cried, struggled, and lost hope; thinking that we wouldn’t be where we are right now. We’re so proud of ourselves because finally, we are here; holding the diploma we worked hard for.

We waited for this. But the question is, are we ready for this? Are we ready to open the door and go into the new world, a world where there is; no professors that will guide us, no second chances if we forget to pass our assignments, and no friends that we can always count on? In this world, everything is a competition; especially to fresh graduates.

Reality check! My friend and I can’t both get the same position we applied for. It will always be either me, my friend, or the other applicants who are also qualified for the position. If my friend got the job, it’s never easy to be entirely happy for my friend because just like my friend; I wanted that position, too.

I have to start getting used to being rejected because I know I won’t get hired in every company I apply for. I have to start getting used to not having time to hang around with my friends, or they don’t have time to hang around with me. I have to accept that people stay and go.

And I know that even if I’m not ready to face the real world, I have to because that’s how life works. It’s a never-ending cycle of facing your fears, the things you’re never ready for. But I also know that once I step out, I will still get in touch with friends who really matter to me. I know that I’m a different person than when I was a freshman in college; perhaps, a good different. I know what I’m capable of, what I can offer to the world. I know that if my life stopped from just simply having fun, I won’t be contented.

There will be times that I will be back to square one, to figuring things out, and to being lost. There will always be times that I will wish that I was back in college, back when life was easier. But if life continues being easy, then I really didn’t learn anything. The things that I’ve experienced before I graduated will all just go down the drain. I have to continue pushing myself…..no, rephrase that; I WANT to continue pushing myself because I know that I’m on my way to a better place, a place where I can be a better me.

So here I am saying again that the life after college is frightening because you never know what the next chapter’s all about, but it’s frighteningly exciting because it will always be something worth reading. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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