If You’re Looking To Get Out Of Your Comfort-Zone, These Are 6 Steps You Have To Follow

Greg Raines

Comfort zone is a place where you’re comfortable because you know what to expect, so by changing things up (large or small); it could help you get out of your comfort zone more than you imagine. Well, it’s okay to go back there every once in a while. But when you do, don’t stay for too long.

It’s because life is full of adventures and lessons that you’ll only experience if you face the unknown, so don’t be afraid to grow.

1. Begin with small steps.

Jumping right out of your comfort zone isn’t easy. If you’re not good at public speaking; you can’t just assume that once you step on that stage, you’re the best speaker in your class right away. First, you have to begin with small steps; by writing down your speech, and practicing in front of your best friend.

2. Try changing the usual things you do every once in a while.

We get used to a routine unconsciously that if something seems “not followed” on our day, we feel lost. If you love reading romance, try reading thriller for a change. Take a different route to school. Learn how to ride a bike. Surprise your sister by baking a cake for her for no reason at all. By doing so, you’ll feel more confident on pushing your boundaries.

3. Make your day productive, not busy.

Busy and productive are two different things that most people get confuse with. Busy is comforting because your only goal is to check things off on your to-do list like cooking your usual lunch, or meeting with clients; instead of trying to commit over your goals and trying new things. You can’t escape being busy if you’re working constantly, and that’s okay. It’s for your future, anyway. But if you have a free time, try your best to be productive.

4. Take risks.

Failing is something that will absolutely happen once you get out of your comfort zone. Scary, right? But believe me when I tell you that it’s not as scary as it sounds. Yep! You might lose something, but you might also gain one. You wouldn’t know unless you try, right? Take risk, but don’t expect that the result will be what you expect; take one to grow, not for the result.

5. Be curious.

There’s so much more outside of your comfort zone; new places, people, experiences, and a lot more. The world is a big place waiting for you to explore, so be excited!

6. Let go of the old stuff.

Your 10-year-old clock that isn’t working anymore. Or your book that was ripped by your dog. Let them all go. Don’t keep something that’s not useful anymore, and is keeping the “present” you stuck with an old chapter. By doing so, dealing with new and unexpected changes will become easier. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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