This Is What Rain Reminds Me Of

The forecast shows rain all week long. Because when it rains, it pours.

It’s all you can do not to just lie in bed and watch the raindrops hit your window. You’re mesmerized; you’re caught in a trance that eludes the reality of life. It’s not that you can’t get out. But why would you want to?

As the storm begins its takeover, the world falls into a similar pattern. People hide. They leave home only if it is absolutely necessary; even then they hurry about to avoid the gray, gloomy sky that has developed as a result of too much damage done.

How powerful must this storm be to have the same effect on so many different people in so many different places on this massive Earth that we share?

Outside your front door, you can smell the humidity. Nothing is clean. It is all in ruins. It is all drenched. As the water flows down windows and cars, as it washes down streets into drains, and as it cascades through cities full of broken people, it takes the broken with it.

It takes over because there is too much destruction caused by mankind. There is too much pain inflicted on good, full-hearted people. There are too many who go about their lives doing whatever they please with no regards to whom they might hurt in the process.

You can’t just destroy people. Eventually, they’re not going to be the same. The hopeful will become disheartened; the free-spirited will become enslaved; the strong will be crushed, until there is no going back. You can only break something so many times before it becomes irreparable. We’re human beings. We can’t be put back together with glue and tape.

So the rains comes down, and it keeps coming down, hard, at an attempt to fix what you’ve all broken; while there’s still time left. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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