5 Highly Overlooked (But Incredibly Sexy) Male Attributes


Ahhhh, the ability to physically objectify men is a past time that does not get old. Whether you are in a relationship or not, is it inevitable and perfectly natural to ogle the opposite sex whether it be in the form of a celebrity crush or that yummy specimen of man that happens to be passing by your line of vision on the street. Yes there are the perfect butts, chiseled jaws, and nowadays, the man buns (yes, I said it) that capture the eye. Yet there are certain areas of focus that curiously often doesn’t get the deserved attention they should.

1. Hands

Large and strong. Tapered and capable. Rough and calloused. Leading up to solid forearms. The possibilities of what those babies can do are endless. Watching them turn a steering wheel or play a guitar or for, God’s sake, run through their hair, is foreplay in itself. The hands invoke an aura of power that belies the strength of the rest of the body.

2. Glasses

You know him. The studious looking guy that rocks a pair of Steve Madden glasses looking like CEO of the year. They convey intelligence, or just fit his head shape so well. They make him look suave, mysterious, or they may even make him look nerdy. But you know the less conventional appeal of his look just has next level appeal.

3. Neck

We get that the jaw sports the sexy stubble. But the neck holds it all up. When you see a nicely corded throat working as it swallows, you can only imagine you’re the reason for that gulp. The Adam’s apple does not lie. You can watch as he gets nervous as he talks to you and that smooth skin just ripple.

4. Forehead

Now this is a part of the face that lacks regular scrutiny. However as you watch the lines crease and smooth out, you get to see expression flit over that face. It brings character and expression, all of which adds dimension to this dude’s persona. Is he thoughtful? Look at the forehead and it will reveal much.

5. Fingernails

Ok, so yes fingernails are part of the hand, but they are a separate entity by themselves. How a man keeps his nails is a true indicator of character. None of that dark dirt embedded under the nail bed. When nails are clean and trimmed, he displays a certain kind of pride in how he presents himself, right down to the small details.

Now when you check out your next eye candy make sure to take note of the above because if you just focus on chest, abs, and lips, you’re going to miss out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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