This Is Why You Should Date The Shy Guy

Ok so imagine this. You walk into the party. The guy busting a move to “Uptown Funk” looks fun. Spastic but fun… but he is attracting way too much attention with his flailing arms and white boy swagger. The hipster standing to the side bops to his own beat but is all too aware of the side looks he’s drawing with his nonchalant brace against the wall. But then you see a group a people standing together.

You catch the eye of the guy quietly sipping his beer as he listens to his friends. His dark eyes widen slightly as they meet yours but just as quickly, he looks down into his cup. Bullseye. There’s the nut you’ve been looking for. The nut you plan on cracking.

Mr. Cutie who has just raised his own level of adorableness by his inability to acknowledge you directly. Oh those men who are willing to come up and flirt always make things interesting, but how great is a guy that you need to draw out? SO. GREAT. That is mainly because women love a challenge. This is why nice guys usually finish last. They present NO challenge. The epitome of challenges is the bad boys of the world.

The men women want to reform, to tame, to re-shape to fit their own ideals. Yeah, shy guys have not created the kind of ruckus bad boys usually stir up, but they are indeed a mountain worth scaling in their own right. You know why? Because once you have, you get to glimpse something only a few people get to see.

From the inception -the first meeting – he has some trouble speaking to you. But as you draw out the conversation longer and longer, the words coming out his mouth just makes you want to laugh, and ponder, and raise your eyebrows. He still has a little trouble holding your gaze without blushing at times, but looking at him as he speaks; you internally disbelieve your luck at finding a treasure in such an unexpected place.

As you start hanging out more and more over the weeks, slowly but surely he becomes more comfortable with you because, well it’s you. You’re the one who he’s willing to make an exception for. This is probably the crux of the shy guy appeal. Somehow, under all the shyness, he likes you enough to push through it and make an effort to open up. It’s as if he was in a world his own, but now… well now he’s making an gap just big enough for you to slip through to join him.

And what you discover inside is just a huge revelation. As the weeks turn into months you peel back the layers further. Unlike the extroverted guy who lays out his personality for all the world to see right away, the shy guy only lets those he is willing to take a chance on worthy to see him. The sweet shy guy has a dry humour, whipping out the best well timed one-liners wherever you go. Or he is goofy, with the strange impersonations of your boss that makes you tear up as you laugh until you can’t breathe.

Or he is the most considerate sweetheart you’ve ever had the pleasure of being around. Whatever the character traits he displays, you almost can’t believe he is sharing it with you. It does make you feel special. Who doesn’t want to feel special?

His ability to rein himself in just makes it all the more extraordinary when he lets his personality shine for you. His hesitations, his bashful smiles, he keeps his true essence hidden. But it’s like the sun’s rays are bathing you in its light because he has chosen to let YOU chip away at his shell. The shell is for protection, but yet he is taking a risk…for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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