11 Telling Signs That You Are Head Over Heels In Love With Yourself

People will tell you over and over that you need to learn to love yourself before you can love another and another can love you. Well, how do you know you’ve finally reached that stage of loving yourself? Here are 10 plus 1 signs that confirm that you are 100% in love with yourself and finally ready to have a healthy relationship with someone else:

1. You stop searching for someone to complete your life because you know your life is already complete. You now understand that you don’t need someone else to make you happy because you can do that all on your own.

2. When you look for a partner in life, you consider how they could benefit you and fit into your life. And if you realize they won’t add to your quality of life, you don’t bother to waste any of your valuable time with them.

3. You don’t wait to hear from someone else before planning out your day. You go about your day and do you. And if someone reaches out to you to do something, you decide whether or not you can make time for them. You no longer change your plans to fit someone else’s availability.

4. You never wonder why someone has ghosted you or lost interest or what you did to make them leave because you know what you’re worth and you know you didn’t lose a damn thing. If someone loses interest in you, you realize that you didn’t do anything to make them leave.

5. You value lost relationships because they helped you develop your standards. From past relationships, you learn what you will not stand for and what you deserve. So every past relationship is no longer seen as a failure, yet a success in your journey to self-love.

6. You don’t need others to validate how fucking awesome you are. Compliments no longer determine your self-confidence but strengthen your established confidence and love for yourself. And empty compliments from near strangers have absolutely no value.

7. You learn the art of saying no. You stop trying to please everyone, but instead put yourself first. If you don’t want to do something you refuse to do it just to please someone else. You’re at a point in your life where you understand that making others happy doesn’t necessarily attribute to your own happiness, so you no longer waste your valuable time doing things just to make others happy.

8. You start to give up self-destructing habits. You realize you don’t need to give up your self-control to be happy, so there’s no fun in getting wasted. You’re completely happy with your untainted, sober state of mind and no longer relish in self-destructing habits.

9. You enjoy your own company over anyone else. Being in your own thoughts no longer scares you off. You take yourself on dates so you can focus on what you want and what you’re thinking and how you perceive the world. This doesn’t mean you don’t value the company of other people, but that you now understand that alone does not equal lonely.

10. You have a burning desire to help others fall in love with themselves. Because you’ve learned the most wonderful love of all, you want everyone to achieve the same level of bliss. So you encourage others by talking and writing about it, in hopes that others can someday fall in love with themselves too.

11. Finally, when you fall in love with someone other than yourself, you refuse to let go of your values to appease that person and you aren’t afraid to let them go if they don’t appreciate you for all your self-loving awesomeness.

Mimi Suh is a teacher, a mother, a writer, and the hero of her story.

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