The 5 Types Of Guys You’ll Definitely Kiss In Your 20s

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It’s late night and I’m in my room thinking about the last date I had and how fun it was to kiss him goodnight. I couldn’t help but smile.

After that, I started to think about the kisses I’ve had in my life, and also, I thought in the ones my friends have had. I realized that all of us, and maybe, most of the girls, have similar types of guys in the list, so here’s one with the five guys you are definitely going to kiss on your 20’s.

1. The Foreigner

He has a sexy Caribbean accent, exotic eyes, and a sexy skin tone. You met him at a party in your country or while you were studying abroad, and you had a great time together. Both of you knew that things weren’t meant to be, however, you decided to kiss him because you liked him, but also, just for fun and to have a great story to tell your friends.

2. The Young Guy

He is three or four years younger than you, and sometimes he makes you feel like an ancient soul, even though both of you are classmates or from the same group of friends. Maybe you dated him or he just has that je ne sais quoi that makes you feel intrigued about him, but definitely, you have kissed him more than once. He gives you a throwback to those teenage years, when everything was easier and funnier, and let’s face it, you love that feeling of going back to the best days of your life.

3. The Old Guy

With old, I don’t mean a 70-year-old guy, it’s more like someone that is on his 30’s while you still are in your 20s. He is sexy, fun and has a real beard. He knows how to treat ladies on a date and how to make them feel genuinely special. The idea of spending time with someone that really knows how to make you feel good, empowered and smart it’s attractive as hell, so you are really into the idea of having a little smooching time him after the awesome time you spent together.

4. The Guy You Don’t Like

Maybe he was your first kiss, you kissed him playing truth or dare or you were drunk, however, everytime you remember the fact that you locked lips with him, makes you cringe. Years have passed and you still ask yourself why you kissed him, but you don’t find a real or decent reason.

5. The Guy You Really Like

Feeling the lips of someone you are really into is one of the best feelings ever. It’s hard to describe because you experience a rush of adrenaline, butterflies on your belly and a thousand of emotions more, but what is certain is that you end up feeling awesome and you want more.

Every time you kiss him feels like it’s the first time, because, in your heart, you know that he is the right person for you at that moment. You are more than happy for having the chance of loving someone and being loved back.


As you see, kissing is fun, and it’s part of this journey called life. It’s part of the stories that you are going to share with your friends on those margaritas’ and The Bachelor marathon nights.

Not everyone has the same journey, and some of us have to kiss more that one frog in order to find our prince, while others, find them on the first kiss, but guess what? Both ways are fine.

Just remember to have fun, feel good and enjoy the best decade of your life, your 20s. TC mark

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