4 Signs You’ve Found Your Person (And They’re The Love You Deserve)

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1. You feel encouraged to be your best.

When you have found your person, you are not afraid of showing the world who you really are,, and you are not afraid of wanting to improve and wanting to become better. You want to follow your dreams, learn a new skill, serve others and get closer to God, because you think your special one deserves the best, and the best version of who you are.

2. There’s no second guessing.

When you’ve found your forever person, you don’t have doubts. You don’t play games. Deep inside you know that they are loyal to you and you don’t get mad or worried if they take more than normal to text back because you trust them with all your heart, and you know how special you are for them.

3. You are not afraid.

When a relationship starts, it’s totally normal to be afraid of the path that the relationship is going to take, but when you are dating your person, instead of being afraid of the future, you feel excited of what’s next. Thinking that you are spending the next chapter of your life with someone you love, motivates you and gives you a sense of peace and happiness.

4. You feel deeply, incredibly loved.

It sounds clichè and even a little predictable; however, when you have found your forever person, you feel his or her love in every aspect of your life. You feel accepted for who you are, with all your flaws and imperfections, and knowing that someone loves you deeply makes you feel encouraged and stronger, like you can face any trial and struggle, because you have love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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