Chivalry Didn’t Die, We Killed It

Twenty20 / NickBulanovv
Twenty20 / NickBulanovv

Single ladies everywhere are constantly wondering “where have the good men gone?” We blame today’s lack of romance on the death of chivalry. In truth, chivalry never went anywhere, we just don’t accept it anymore.

We’ve exchanged “I love yous” for likes on selfies, flowers for dick pics, “good morning” texts for morning walks of shame, dates for “Netflix and chill.” There’s no more effort, no more spark. Courtship fell to the wayside when we replaced love letters with drunk texts.

As cliche as it is, we are constantly looking for love in all the wrong places; always vying for the attention of the fuckboy at the bar, who we hope will change for a chance with us. The harsh reality is: Prince Charming is out there, we just don’t see him because we are so blinded by man buns and biceps.

Who’s the first person you call when something bad happens? Or even something good? Who’s the first person who comes to mind when you see something funny? Who remembers your favorite color or how you take your coffee? The guy who fits this mold is probably the guy we’ve friend zoned long before we gave him the opportunity to show us all he can really offer.

He probably listened to you cry about how your last Tinder date ghosted you, or how you got too drunk the night before and blacked out. Hell, he was probably there holding your hair back as you threw up all those shots. But we never noticed because “he’s just a friend.”

As the girl who, on multiple occasions, let the good guy go to chase after douchebags with nice cars — ladies please, stop. We’re losing out on all sorts of great love because we settle for a chase that’s subpar to something real.

Stop letting the last guy who bought you and your friends a round of shots into your heart and into your bed. He’ll be there for the good times but never the bad ones. Stop friend zoning the first guy who tells you you matter. Stop chasing after guys who add your name to their little black book. Stop hindering yourselves from the type of love you know you deserve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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