9 Things All Women Should Know


1. Sometimes our friends are going to be prettier than us. Just because you’re not the first one guys approach in the group doesn’t mean you’re the ugly one. Females have a problem where they are always competing with each other. Everyone has different opinions but don’t take it personally if some of your friends are getting more attention than you.

2. Everyone lies. At least once. No matter how long you have been friends, no matter how many times you beg them for the truth, your friends are probably going to lie to you and tell you that guy is cute or that outfit looks great or that you would look awesome with a pixie cut! We all do it so don’t get mad at your friends when they do it for you. They are simply trying to spare your feelings.

3. If your best friend hates a bitch, then you hate that bitch more. I do not care if this girl is your cousin’s girlfriend. If someone is rude or does terrible things to your best friend, then you are driving the car when you go to egg her house. No questions asked. You hate her no matter what.

4. All females use the washroom. I cannot understand why women act disgusted when body functions are discussed. It’s understandable to not bring it up when men are around but everyone should be able to discuss things that happen in the restroom with their girlfriends because you know what, EVERYONE DOES IT.

5. If your friend is overweight, help her out. I cannot tell you how much shit will be talked about your friend if you let her go out on a Friday night in the crop top you let her borrow. It sucks that it has to happen, but when she chooses to eat McDonalds while you get your Panera salad, you have to be the one to tell her what she can and cannot wear. You might look like the bitch but in the long run, you will be helping her out if you let her borrow your adorable flowly tank top instead.

6. If one of your friend compliments your outfit, she is planning on stealing it or buying the same thing but trendier and from her local boutique, not Forever 21. I would be crazy rich if I had a dollar everytime this happened to me. You see your friend looking smokin hot and you instantly want to look like that next weekend. Don’t get mad when you see her much cuter outfit because you will do the same thing to her next week.

7. Just because your bestie is crushing on someone does not mean he isn’t fair game. Unless he has expressed interest in her or they have previously dated, he is fair game hundo p. If my friends weren’t allowed to go for guys I have had a crush, the every male of the University of Illinois Class of 2016 would be off limits. Do not be a crazy person.

8. Do not judge each other at the gym. The gym is a sacred place for women to go and check out men while simultaneously getting skinny in the process. Do not ruin your friend’s mojo just because you can run three miles and she can barely do twenty minutes on the elliptical. Let her do her thing and if you’re done a half-hour before her, throw in an extra ab circuit or foam roll it out.

9. Try your best to avoid stupid fights. Your best friend may have auditioned to be on One Tree Hill but that does not mean you have to fall for her dramatic antics. If you are comfortable dropping something completely, do it as much as possible because petty fights that you allow to happen could damage your friendship in the long run. Its better to be the bigger person than to be without her. TC Mark

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