Read This When You Feel like Life Is Passing You By

As the days flutter by like shattered leaves on a windy day, as the nights flutter by like delicate butterflies, only swift moments before they take their landing, there will come a sense of serenity along with fear as the realization of time passing, life passing, builds deep within. 

The good moments intertwine with the bad; the good moments intertwine with the everyday moments that seem almost too still.

Like each wave that crashes, some more tamed and some less, moments in our lives appear as wild waves that could take over in the worst manner or as calm waves that gently sway and melt into golden sand.

The ticking of a clock, with the power of driving one’s mind in circles, also has the power of slowing it down.

If only time could pass as slowly as it does when we watch the hands of the clock, life would seem inhumanly longer and moments wouldn’t seem so fleeting.

The hands of a clock dance in circles throughout the day, turning day into night, turning night into late silent hours, where we all tend to realize how small we are with regards to the vastness of the universe.

The power of the jet black night sky makes us feel fragile yet whole, as our thoughts spin in an endless yarn of words and emotions. It puts us in a state, as if in a trance, where darkness overcomes the light, and one cannot help but reminisce the good moments yet feel the deep pain of the bad.

When a heart is deeply broken, when it feels as though there is no turning back, those are the critical moments that stay with us, that shape us. When the time comes where you finally let go of what broke you, you will feel an immense weight lift off your chest, like the real you has only just begun living again.

There will be moments in life where time seems to escape us, slipping not only out of our hands but out of our control. But do not fret. 

You have all the time in the world to become who you’re supposed to be. You will find yourself and you will uncover endless things about yourself and about life that you never knew or expected.

You will have a love that will feel like a soft Sunday morning, with the sunlight streaming in through the translucent curtains.

You will have a career that will inspire you and awaken your senses in ways that you have been seeking all along.

You will have time to find the individuals that make your heart truly glow with joy and warmth, that are here through not only your happy moments, not only for the parties and the drinks, but for the moments when you feel your weakest.

If anything, there will be time for people to find you without feeling as though you are the one always chasing.

For now, keep your head up and observe the world.

Look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of who you are in this moment, rather than living in the future and trying to fast-forward the natural process of becoming who you’re supposed to be.

You will have time to become whole through your surroundings, your people, and your everyday moments that will no longer seem too still.

Then maybe, just maybe, you will not feel so alone, and maybe, just maybe, you will hear the ticking of a clock, but it will not scare you because life will be the greatest it has ever been.

Maybe then, life will pass you by, but you will be ready. Maybe then, just maybe, life will pass you by, but only in the best ways.

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