Find A Love That Lives In The Moment

You’re holding the camera like it is the most valuable sculpture. I suddenly hear the lightning-quick sound of the shutter: click. You’re smiling because you love the way the photo captures the genuine smile and glint in my eyes. 

Yet you know it only becomes the truth when you are by my side or when the mere thought of you being mine, and me being yours, comes to mind.

You keep the photo, imprinted in both the camera’s memory and your own, and refuse to take any more. “The first picture is always the most special and spontaneous. Any more after that are all framed.”

Being with you has made the view of my world brighter and grander, like the colors in my surroundings turn more vibrant at the thought of you. I can see and feel more clearly and more deeply, and being with you, I finally know what I want and what it means to be loved unconditionally.

The thought of you seems to send vibrations from my mind to the tips of my fingers, rubbing off on everything I touch – there’s a preciousness in everything now, all because you inspired it.

In a world where one click on a smartphone causes an overwhelming flow of photographs, one misses the moment with their own eyes and heart, because it just had to be captured. But why? Can’t it just be captured and remembered in our minds? Wouldn’t that hold more meaning? 

For once, that is all I ask. A relationship, a love, where moments can be left alone as they are, without the need to grab a phone and record a video for Snapchat or Instagram. All of our hearts yearn for this, yet it becomes almost impossible in a world where many of us care about virtual likes and feeling “liked” and noticed on social media.

If you have a relationship worth fighting for, don’t be a victim of letting life slip through your fingers, of having moments that almost seem as if they’ve never happened, all because you were too immersed in trying to get it on camera.

I hope you genuinely enjoy every moment for what it is in its pure, raw form. For every momentI hope you just enjoy yourselves and your relationship before the click of a camera shatters the beauty in a single moment.

A love where moments are seen and felt in the present, in the now, is a love that is forever remembered and appreciated as it is happening.

By living in the present, you will spend an immense amount of time capturing your lover in the morning light as the sun’s rays hit their skin, not with a camera, but with your heart. You will spend much more of your life simply being with your lover and cherishing their presence, rather than looking through a screen.

Let love carry you. Let love bring you to places and moments that feel eternal. An eternity that should be spent looking into your partner’s eyes and feeling a connection that could never, in any world, be captured by a camera. 

Find a love where moments are appreciated in the present, and unconditional happiness will always be present. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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