A Love Letter To My Soul

Woman in a dress posing on the shoreline rock at Windansea Beach
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I love you. I have loved you since the day you were born unto this earth and this realm.

I love the bones that sing inside your body, the blood that sings inside your veins.

I love your shadows and your light, I love the way they dance together to a secret song only you can hear.

I love your highs and as much, I love your lows, for they give contrast to the valleys and peaks of your soul.

The depth and breadth of your heart is a land where it is always spring, even when it feels like the coldest winter, still the flowers continue to unfurl with the grace of presence.

The open gates to your emotions welcome all those who wander to their threshold, and your giving of love and kindness is a flame that burns as perennial as the forest fires, bringing new life.

I love you for your strength, for your vulnerability, I love you for even as you write these words you cry tears that wash you clean, breaking you open day after day, with no shame for this cleansing, yet it rents you in two each and every day.

I love that you see things that others may not, I love that at times you are blind to hatred and misery, choosing to believe in the good and just in those who wander into your domain.

I love that you know yourself from times before and lives lived in other ages, I love that you keep and hold these memories as precious as the ones from today.

I love that you can fold, and yield, like a reed in the autumn wind, and I love that you don’t allow the season to break you, even though they try.

Dear soul, I love you. TC mark

Plumbing the depths, searching the shadows, catching the light

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