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Will You Marry Me?

I don’t know if we’ll ever have kids or a house but we’ll have adventures. We might never buy Tupperware but there’s no one else I’d rather go tubing with.

The Best Moments

When the perfect song for your mood comes on just when you need it, the song that describes how you feel without the words, the song that sounds like what you wish you could say even though the lyrics are all wrong.

New York Romance II

Sometimes it’s better not to talk. Sometimes you make yourself unapproachable, your face poisonous and your features defensive, and no one will bother with you because your body is a closed door.


I think about a girl I knew in real life who looked nothing like Courtney Love but nonetheless resembled her in a way, the way she was all mouth, all wild speech and intensity, sweat and dripping mascara and bright veins running down her open legs.

When Are You Over An Eating Disorder?

I wrote down everything that went into my mouth, everything from a stick of gum to five peanuts. If I wasn’t feeling lightheaded, if I wasn’t passing out, I figured I could always stand to halve the portion.

How I Know I Love You

I know I love you because I want to listen, I really do. I don’t have anywhere to be that can’t wait for a while and I’m not checking my phone, in fact turned it off and buried it in the cushions the moment you said you needed me. I’m here for you and that other thing can wait.

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