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Body Modification: How Much Is Too Much?

There’s not just a simple pressure to be beautiful — there’s pressure to be naturally beautiful. We’re supposed to just have it. And if we don’t have it, we’re supposed to get it without looking like we bought it.

The Artist

The artist is lonely. He is lonely because he doesn’t have any friends. He has people who occasionally act like friends, people who laugh raucously and spill wine on the floor, but they all have defective ears.

How To Feel Okay

Listen to music that gets you, songs that seem to have been written specifically for you. Read books that have the capacity to do more for your well-being than multivitamins or therapy.

How To Doubt Yourself

Self-handicap to the highest degree. Think about all the possible roadblocks before you even start a project. Think about how you don’t have enough money or time or motivation or coffee or talent, and now that you think about it, what makes you think what you have to offer is so great anyway?

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