Dance It Out: A One-Hour Playlist

Everyone’s stressed out right now, and there’s not a whole lot we can do about it, so in an effort to heighten energy and good feelings, I created this playlist. This playlist is comprised of all manner of weirdness with a good backbeat, from pop to electronica to Eurotrash. Moreover, this playlist is nothing one would ever seriously publish because, let’s face it, it’s full of saccharine guilty pleasures no one seriously wants to admit they like. However, this playlist will probably make you want to take E and dance. Or just dance. Enjoy and feel better.

Here’s the track listing:

Nicki Minaj – Pound The Alarm

Havana Brown + Pitbull – We Run The Night

3OH!3 – Touchin On My

Anjulie – Brand New Chick

Robyn – Time Machine

Amber Melody – The Bass

Metro Station – Control

Yelle – Je Veux Te Voir

Lil Wayne + Nicki Minaj – Knockout

Paradiso Girls – Patron Tequila

Shitting Glitter – Slut Buffet

Doda – Nie Daj Sie

Taio Cruz + Ke$ha – Dirty Picture

Lady Gaga – Heavy Metal Lover

Kelly Rowland + David Guetta – Commander

David Guetta + Sia – Titanium (Alesso Remix)

The Raveonettes + Eddie Baez – Love In A Trashcan (Remix)

The Lady Tigra – Thing-a-Ling

Femme Fatality – Dr. K

The Ready Set – Young Forever

Jordan & Baker – Explode (Epic Extended Mix)

LeToya – She Ain’t Got

Delirium + DJ Tiesto – Silence

Usher – Scream

RuPaul + DJ BunJoe – LadyBoy TC Mark

image – Shutterstock

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